Ola Electric vs Chetak Electric vs Ather Electric – Hill Climb Test

The electric scooter segment in India has seen tough competition from established players and modern startups alike. These are three of the biggest names in this space.

This hill climb test between Ola, Ather and Chetak electric scooters will prove the performance aspect of these three products in real-life situations. Bajaj Chetak is one of the biggest names in the Indian two-wheeler space and being a market leader, it has adopted the change to EVs with open arms. On the other hand, Ather and Ola are the startups in the space who have directly entered the electric scooter segment relatively recently. All these products are quite popular but this test will prove which one is more capable up a hill.

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Ola vs Ather vs Chetak – Hill Climb Test

The video has been uploaded by a YouTuber and he has all three e-bikes side-by-side. The location is around Pune where the hills are a part of life. That is why the YouTuber decided to test the performance of these e-bikes on inclines. In the first attempt, he takes the Chetak electric up the hill along with a pillion passenger. In the beginning, the Chetak is put in the Eco mode and the launch is decent. However, once the electronics of the e-scooter realises that the drive is consuming a lot of power, it automatically switches to Sport mode. Then, the bike overcomes the sharp turn on an incline with relative ease and reaches the top without any worry. The top speed achieved during this test was 40 km/h.

Then the YouTuber takes the Ather up the same route with the same pillion passenger. The test begins in Normal mode and the bike starts off well. However, it started to slow down as the testing curve arrived and the rider had to switch to Sport mode on the fly. The bike was very responsive and carried on with an instant burst of torque. It reached the top without any worries with a top speed of 60 km/h.

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ola s1 pro hill climb test

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In the final attempt, Ola was taken up the hill with similar parameters. However, once it slowed down on the steep curve in Normal mode, it didn’t move forward even in the Sports mode. One rider had to get off but the e-scooter refused to move forward. Then they decided to carry the momentum in Sport mode and the bike was able to move past the dreaded curve in Sport mode. However, soon afterwards, the bike became too hot and the engine was switched off. The YouTuber head to push the scooter manually for some time. When the temperature became normal, it was able to switch back on.

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