Ola S1 Pro Owner Shares HONEST Review of e-Scooter

Ola S1 Pro has created a ton of buzz around it but the experiences of many customers after receiving the electric scooter have been unimpressive.

This Ola S1 Pro electric scooter owner lists out all the issues with the product. With an extensive and effective marketing campaign, Ola was successfully able to garner a lot of traction before launching the e-scooter. However, when the time of the deliveries came, the product was not ready. Ola cited the widespread semiconductor chip shortage as the reason for it. This resulted in huge delays with regards to the deliveries. Thereafter, the owners reported several issues with the final product. Here are some of those issues.

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Ola Electric Scooter Issues

The owner lists out all the issues associated with the Ola S1 Pro on this video. He begins by explaining the build quality and fit and finish issues. It is not up to the mark with panel gaps visible at various places. The central hump on the scooter is an ergonomic flaw too. The e-scooter still lacks a ton of Pro features that were initially planned to be introduced with the scooter. Ola now says that these features will come in 2022 via software updates. The major missing feature is navigation. Apart from that, this owner hails from Delhi and has purchased the S1 Pro there. However, there are no tie-ups with the government regarding the subsidies associated with EVs. That is a major draw for a lot of buyers. Without the incentives, the prices remain a key concern for new buyers.

The range and operating software continue to pose problems for the owners on a daily basis. The owner mentions that the scooter gives around 130 km of range irrespective of how you drive it. The group on social media that he is a part of has around 1,700 members. He confirms that none of them have been able to achieve a range beyond that. Additionally, the mode of communication of Ola is social media. This leaves a lot of potential buyers away from the latest information regarding deliveries and other bits. The emails by the company are too late. As a result, many booking holders had cancelled the booking when the delivery was delayed and they didn’t get the information that Ola announced degradation to S1 Pro to S1 booking holders.

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ola s1 pro honest review by owner
Ola S1 Pro honest review by owner

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All these aspects continue to haunt the S1 Pro despite the electric scooter performing strongly in the test drive. Let us see how well Ola manages to rectify these mistakes in times to come.

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