Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X – Drag Race In All Drive Modes

Ola and Ather are the only prominent players in the startup space of the Indian EV automobile market. A drag race between the two is therefore warranted.

This drag race between the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X will give us the clear winner. The future of mobility is electric. Ola is one of the most popular startups in the Indian EV ecosystem. Having created so much buzz around the brand, Ola took a lot of time to commence deliveries. Despite the initial hiccups, the segment is thriving. Ather is another prominent player in the market that has been around even before Ola. It is time to compare the two flagship products of these two EV brands.

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Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X – Drag Race

The two electric scooters are driven by two YouTubers. They decide to drag race in all the modes of the e-scooters. In the first attempt, both the scooters are put in Normal Mode but the Ather gets a clean start. However, the Ola quickly gains ground and overtakes it never to be caught up for the duration of the entire race. Then, the bikes are set to Sport Mode and the result remains the same. The initial thrust of the Ather is not able to keep it ahead for a long time. The Ola again overtakes it and stays ahead until the end of the race. The third time around, the electric scooters are set to their sportiest settings only to result in the repetition of the previous races. It could be concluded that the Ather 450X has a great initial surge of power but the Ola S1 Pro is great as the scooter catches speed.


The Ola S1 has a battery pack of 2.98 kWh while the S1 Pro has a 3.97 kWh. Both these are good for 11.4 hp and 58 Nm of peak power and torque respectively. The 0-60 km/h is achieved in 7 secs for the S1 and in 5 secs for the S1 Pro. The regular home charger takes around 4 hours 48 mins to charge the battery completely in S1 and 6 hours 30 mins for the S1 Pro. The range of the S1 is a healthy 121 km and the S1 Pro is an impressive 181 km. The price of the S1 is Rs 99,999 and the S1 Pro is Rs 1,29,999 before government subsidies.

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ather s1 vs ola s1 pro drag race
Ather S1 vs Ola S1 Pro drag race in all modes

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The Ather 450X comes with a 2.9 kWh battery that powers the electric motor to produce 8 hp and 26 Nm with 0-40 km/h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 80 km/h. The driving range is 116 km on a single charge. The prices for the Ather 450 range from Rs 1.18 lakh and Rs 1.38 lakh, ex-showroom before government subsidies.

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