5 Examples Of The Oldest Royal Enfield Motorcycles In India

Owning an old Royal Enfield motorcycle is a prestigious thing now and selling one could actually give you lakhs of rupees. Here are top 5 examples of it.

Royal Enfield made its first motorcycle in 1901 and now, it has been in the industry for over a century. During this legacy run, there are a lot of RE motorcycles that have made it big. Also, because of their old school nature, it is a highly popular brand when it comes to vintage bike collection.

Restoring and maintaining an old Royal Enfield motorcycle is tedious and also, a bit deep on the pocket. However, owners still are happy with all the issues that they have faced. Because, it is a vintage RE which is valued in many Lakhs right now.

Here are 5 top examples of the oldest Royal Enfield motorcycles that we have in India:

Taurus Diesel a.k.a Diesel Bullet

Royal Enfield sold the Taurus diesel, basically the Bullet Diesel in 1990s. It came with a Lombardini 325cc single-cylinder diesel engine, that produces 6.9 PS and 15 Nm of torque. Paired with a 4-speed gearbox, it gave a whooping mileage of 72 kmpl. That’s almost the same fuel efficiency that you get with a Splendor. The below mentioned model is averagely restored but is still in working condition. Watch till end to see how the owner starts it. I have tried it once and believe me, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

A 1954 G2 Vintage (Made In England)

This one is a perfectly restored model with all the chrome and polishing in good piece. Also, it starts up in one kick shows that the engine is running. The owner got it imported from England and that’s why it shows Miles Per Hour on the speedometer. On the handlebar, you can see the horn on the left, the choke on the right and the turner switch for headlamp. It holds a sentimental value for the owner as this is the 503rd piece manufactured.

1973 Bullet 350

You can see that this Bullet looks very similar to the one we had a couple of years ago. That’s the best thing about RE motorcycles that they look so original. The owner’s 1973 Bullet 350 is maintained and the owner also uses it daily. It gets the golden 3D Royal Enfield Emblem with the same interchanged brake and gear mechanism.

1941 Royal Enfield WD C 350

This one is the only bike in India. The owner, who stays in Punjab, got it imported from England. However, it is not kept in good condition and is gathering dust. Also, in the garage, you can spot vintage Norton, Triumph and Matchless motorcycles, all gathering dust. The 1941 model is originally a military motorcycle which was supplied to many countries due to the prevailing war.

1963 Royal Enfield Crusader

We are not sure about this one. The video shows that it is a 1963 Bullet, but as per my knowledge, it is a 1963 Crusader. A different version of Bullet basically. This model is kept in running condition but not properly restored. You can see moderate rusting over the body panels.