5 Unique Things You Need To Know About The Upcoming Audi Q2

Audi Q2 is set to enter the Indian market in just a couple of days. Here are 5 unique things to know about this entry-level premium SUV.

As we saw, towards the beginning of this year, the Audi A3, Q3, A4 and all other cars of the German manufacturer were discontinued. Due to the BS6 norms and their upcoming new generation upgrades, all these cars are no longer available in India. However, starting with the Audi Q2 launch, all these cars will make a comeback.

Audi Q2 will be the most affordable car from their stable and will have no direct competitor. Its a good news for all the Audi fans as they can right now buy this car where the entry level on sale is the Audi A6. So, here are 5 unique things that you should know about the upcoming entry-level premium SUV.

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1. Smaller Than A Kia Seltos And Hyundai Creta

The Q2 is about 4.19 metres long, 1.89 metres wide and has a wheelbase of 2,595mm. In comparison to Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta, the Audi Q2 is a little bit smaller by about 150mm, having the same width and about 20-30mm shorter wheelbase. With this dimensions, its just the same size as a Renault Duster.

2. More Powerful Than The Audi A3 And Q3

Audi A3 and Q3 used a 1.4 Litre turbo-charged TFSI petrol motor that pumped out 150 BHP and 250 Nm of peak torque. The smaller Q2 uses a bigger 2.0 Litre turbo-charged TFSI engine that produces 190 BHP and 320 Nm of peak torque. That makes it more powerful than the earlier entry-level Audi cars. A lot more powerful.

3. Audi Q2 is A SUV-Hatchback Crossover

By the design, yes, it is an SUV. However, in real terms, it is a big crossover with the dimensions of a big hatchback and shape of a small SUV. The ground clearance is better than a hatch that is another reason to term it as a crossover.

4. No Touchscreen Infotainment System Available

The new Audi Q2 comes with a free-standing infotainment system which does not support touchscreen technology. Rather, you have to use the rotary dials installed near the gearbox to operate the system.

5. More Affordable Than Audi Q3 And More Fun To Drive

For those who love the four rings, they can get the Q2 for even cheaper than the Q3. So technically, this will enable Audi to open up space for more buyers and Audi fanatics. Due to its compact dimensions, lighter engine and the Quattro technology, International media claims it to be more enthusiastic than the Q3.