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Mahindra Thar With Beige and Wood Interior – Yay or Nay?

People are really putting in extra efforts to make their vehicles look unique and premium. Here is yet another instance of how many possibilities...
white mahindra thar images exterior interior

India’s First Pure White Mahindra Thar – THIS IS IT!

The second generation Mahindra Thar is already a huge success story, with several off-roading enthusiasts having bought the new SUV for their off-roading expeditions....
mahindra thar engine failure

Yet Another Mahindra Thar Engine Fail Horrifies Owner

In a strange turn of events, a brand new Mahindra Thar engine started showing weird and violent vibrations within a few days of purchase. The...
mahindra thar engine change 11660 km

Mahindra Thar Whose Engine Failed At 11,660KM Gets New Motor

We have been told that the Mahindra Thar that suffered from an engine failure has been given a new motor The Mahindra Thar is a...
Mahindra Thar Engine Fails After Service Center Visit

Another Mahindra Thar’s Engine Fails Within a Year, Owner Left Helpless

In a strange turn of events, a Mahindra Thar engine started failing after a visit to the service centre. The Mahindra Thar is a perfect...
mahindra thar accident showroom bangalore

Customer Flies Out of Showroom in Mahindra Thar Display Car

Mahindra Thar has been on the wishlist of many and it looks like an over-excited prospective customer in Bengaluru goofed up in excitement Launched in...
mahindra thar vs school bus tug of war video

WATCH 4×4 Magic in This Mahindra Thar vs School Bus Tug of War Match

Mahindra Thar is a capable off-roader that has impressed many off-roading enthusiasts but the potency of its diesel motor and 4x4 gear has been...

Mahindra Thar Crash Shows Risks of Snow Driving in 4x4s

Driving in the mountains in thick snow might seem attractive and adventurous. But it could easily turn into a nightmare in a matter of...
mahindra thar towing mg hector out of snow

Watch FWD MG Hector Struggling in Snow, Rescued by Thar

In a snow-filled hill station, MG Hector's owner found it hard to get out, until a Thar came to rescue. MG Hector is aimed at...
First in India - Old Mahindra Thar Modified Into Latest Model

First in India – Old Mahindra Thar Modified Into Latest Model

In an interesting challenge, car enthusiasts have modified an old Mahindra Thar into the latest model, with premium interiors. The Mahindra Thar is a perfect...