Algae May Power Electric Cars Of Future !


If you are worried that future cars may be filled with Algae in the tank, don’t worry, its not going to be the case. As per the latest research at the MIT, USA, researcher Iftach Yacoby has found out a way to produce four times the quantity of Hydrogen which is usually produced in the formation of Sugar by algae. Algae and some types of bacteria use sunlight to convert water into sugar and hydrogen by chemically decomposing them in an environment friendly way. By using an enzyme (a chemical to speed up reactions), the hydrogen production can be increased by 400% without hurting the algae!


image- concept electric car

Hydrogen produced by these algae can be stored in cylinders which can be used in Fuel Cells which produce electricity for electric cars. The beauty of such electric cars is that the fuel cells usually have only one emission, which is water, which does not pollute the environment and fuel cells are very efficient way of running a car. So far, the biggest challenge is to produce and store hydrogen for the fuel cells as production of Hydrogen is neither easy nor cheap. With the Bio-engineered algae producing Hydrogen at low cost, if the process is developed at industrial scale, the algae may produce Hydrogen to power up the Fuel cells of future electric cars.

Imagine silent, fast and pollution free electric cars of future powered by Fuel cells powered by Hydrogen produced by algae, this definitely sound like a green and bright future. We hope this research comes out of the labs in the coming years and reached the industries.

via- Autopia

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