Here’s What We Know About the Hyundai Alcazar So Far!

According to a new trademark filed by Hyundai in India, the 7-seater version of the Creta could be called the Alcazar in India. Before its arrival in 2021, here’s all that we know about the 7-seater SUV.

A couple of days ago, we reported to you that Hyundai could be naming the upcoming 7-seater Creta in India as the Alcazar based on a trademark filed the company some time ago. Slated for a global unveil in 2021, we expect the 7-seater SUV to make it to India in the later half of 2021 itself given the craze around the Creta we have in India. In fact, India could be among the first markets where the new 7-seater SUV could be launched. So here’s all that we know about the Hyundai 7-seater SUV or Alcazar as its likely to be called.

Here's everything we know so far about the Hyundai 7-Seater Creta or the Alcazar as it will likely be called in India.
Here’s everything we know so far about the Hyundai 7-Seater Creta or the Alcazar as it will likely be called in India.

But let’s talk about the name first. The word ‘Alcazar’ is actually the name of a castle in Spain. Hyundai has this trend of naming their cars after certain places and this follows the same pattern. Hyundai is also known to uses prefixes and suffixes in its naming system (take the i10, Grand i10 and Grand i10 Nios, for example) but they are not going to follow the same strategy and name the 7-seater Creta as perhaps the Grand Creta. Hyundai wants to create an unique identity for the 7-seater SUV in India and hence they could be opting for a completely new name.

From previous spy shots of the upcoming SUV that we have seen, there are certain differences between the standard Creta and its 7-seater derivative. On the face itself, the first thing you notice is that the grille is different with a more premium design with Mercedes-Benz like chrome stud inserts on the grille. There are minor revisions to the bumper as well and the Alcazar evenn gets front parking sensors which the standard Creta does not get.

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In profile, the larger length is immediately noticeable. Although the overall shape seems largely similar to the five-seater Creta, the C-Pillar is slimmer and the roof is flatter to allow for more head room, particularly in the third row. The C-Pillar is also now followed by a decent size quarter rear window but its hard to comment on the size as its mostly covered by the camouflage. The rear-end of the Alcazar has completely been redone with a more conventional design than the polarizing looks of the Creta. The tail gate is flatter and it features much more simple tail lamps.

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Although we haven’t seen any interior images of the Hyundai Alcazar, we expect it will be identical to the standard Creta. What’s also unclear at this moment is what will be under the hood the 7-seater Creta. It could possibly carry forward the engines from the Creta or could see some improvement in the numbers as well, owing to a more premium positioning. The Hyundai Alacazar will rival the likes of the Tata Gravitas, the MG Hector Plus, and the next-gen Mahindra XUV500. Even Jeep is building a 7-seater version of the Compass.

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