Android Auto gets updated to enhance the user experience and allows one-tap access to Google Assistant.

Google first introduced Android Auto in 2015 and clearly, it has been a major success with more and more car manufacturers adopting the connectivity. Nowadays, more budget cars also come equipped with Android Auto.

The highlight the updated Android Auto is the dark theme and a new navigation bar allowing one-tap access to google assistant enhancing user experience.

The new interface will come with fonts that are easier to read and display information like ongoing calls, playback options etc. The new notification centre will hold the new messages, calls and alerts.

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Regarding the navigation, Android is also adding a navigation bar which will offer turn-by-turn navigation and simultaneously allow the user to access other apps.

For example, if you’re using navigation with Google Maps and listening to music at the same time then you can either fast forward or rewind the song without leaving Google Maps because the navigation bar has audio playback controls on it.

“Hey Google” will also play an important part to be used for navigation and other activities. Overall, the idea is to make the experience of user more better and engaging so nothing hinders while you are driving on the road.

The new interface is fast and you tap less on the screen for navigation while other apps work simultaneously in the background. The dark coloured theme will be a standard in all cars which makes the font readable thus making the driver concentrate on the road.

Google claims that Android Auto is available to more than 500 cars from 50 different brands and the update will start reaching the cars this summer. Google says it will keep bringing new features and new look to keep up with the market.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are the new age connectivity apps which help the user to focus on the roads without getting distracted and have a safe ride to the destination.