Audi A1 Compact Hatchback Launch In India by 2013-14


Audi has unveiled the Audi A1 compact hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 at Switzerland. A1 is the smallest compact from Audi and has been showcased in a 2 door variant. Earlier there were rumors of Audi A1 Launch in India as early as mid-2011, but the same has come out to be incorrect. The Audi official statement has clarified Audi’s stand of Audi A1 for India which is now expected to be around the timeline of 2013-14.

For India, where the roads are getting congested day by day with ever increasing number of vehicles and parking spaces are getting more scares, people who like long luxury sedans may find themselves struggling through the traffic and parking woes. With luxury compacts and hatchbacks, Audi wants to tap the potential of the compact cars in India which is relatively a small market in terms of volumes.

As per an official statement by Mr Anil Reddi, Head (Sales), Audi India:

There is definitely a huge market in India for compact cars. Audi India is evaluating various options (to tap this segment). The important questions are what car, at what price and the target segment. Our customers in India are very demanding and want the latest. However there is no time line for the launching of the A1 compact but we can expect it around the same time as its rivals are planning i.e. around 2013-2014.

Though the market is small for compact luxury cars as of now, the equations are gradually changing and it may help Audi pick up its sales in India by having the smallest car which it offers in Indian market.

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  1. Wow! An Audi hatchback in India it is the car that is going to change the competition in hatchback segment in India. If the Audi prices it properly then definitely it will be an game changer in hatchback segment in India. The Audi hatch will be way more premium & plush than the Honda Civic or Skoda Laura or maybe even better than Honda Accord.


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