World’s Only Known Bagged Renault Duster Looks Bonkers

Renault Duster was the first mid-size SUV in our market that led the industry to where it is today in India.

This unique bagged Renault Duster might well be one of its kind. One might generally associate the bagged design with sports cars or sedans. Nevertheless, the aim of this concept is to adjust the height of any vehicle, especially using air suspensions. But things like enough clearance between the tyres and fenders must be taken into consideration prior to this modification. Also, you must ensure that you don’t take the vehicle where ground clearance could be an issue.

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Bagged Renault Duster

This unique iteration has been shared by caddemreels on Instagram. A white Duster is visible in the video clip. However, what is quite surprising is that the bumper from the rear looks like it is touching the ground. Taking a closer look from the side reveals that this is a bagged version as the alloy wheels are almost covered by the rear fenders. The parked Duster has its fuel cap open. Also, the side body panel is ultra-low as the front fender covers the top of the front alloy wheels.

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This is definitely the lowest setting that you could possibly set an SUV to. We believe that the air suspension used in this SUV is at its lowest setting. For driving around, the height needs to be raised a little unless one is on a race track. For regular roads anywhere in the world, this would be too low. Also, necessary modifications are needed to be made in order to accommodate those massive alloy wheels inside the body of the Duster. Otherwise, the chances of the tyres brushing against the internal components of a vehicle increase a lot.

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bagged renault duster white
Bagged Renault Duster

Finally, we would like to caution our readers to not try something like this without measuring the issues that could crop up in the future. In India, we don’t have smooth highways and roads in every part of the country that could support a car like this. Secondly, we generally travel with our family members. This means that the weight of the car would cause the tyres to touch against the body of the vehicle which is not ideal. Lastly, any kind of modification on cars in India is illegal. Therefore, you need to get permission from your local RTO.

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