Bajaj Discover Turned Electric For Rs 7,500, Running Cost of Rs 0.5/km

The rising fuel prices have certainly hit everyone hard, especially the low-income group citizens of the country. The trouble from high fuel prices comes at the back of huge economic setbacks to many due to the ongoing pandemic and multiple lockdowns in the last year and a half. In such tough circumstances, it’s only natural for some to start thinking of ways to save themselves from high expenditures. Case in the point here is one Kurapati Vidyasagar from Telangana, who decided to replace the internal combustion engine of his last-generation Bajaj Discover with an electric motor. 

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With this, we probably have the first example of a Bajaj Discover that runs purely on electricity. Due to the lockdown, Vidyasagar found it hard to make ends meet. With things already too tough, the rise in fuel prices came in as a major blow to him as he used to require at least two litres petrol a day to visit clients across the city. In fact, he was so troubled with the increased prices, he even thought of winding up his business as operational costs shot high. Other than visiting his customers, he even needed to travel between his shop and home.

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This is exactly when he got an idea of turning these tough times into an opportunity as he managed to collect some money to purchase an electric motor that could replace his Discover’s engine. He purchased the motor for Rs 7,500 and replaced the petrol tank with four 30Ah-capacity batteries. Vidyasagar says that it takes just about five hours to charge the batteries. Charging these consumes just Rs 10 worth of electricity. 

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In an interview with a leading news daily, Vidyasagar revealed that his bike can cover 50 km on a single charge. He was assisted by his friend Anil, who is a motor vehicle mechanic. Also, on run, the motorcycle batteries charge using a dynamo. With details of the electric Bajaj Discover going viral, many have expressed interest to help Vidyasagar with charity.