Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs KTM Duke 390 Vs BMW G310 R – Drag Race Video

Check out this quick drag race between Bajaj Dominar 400, KTM Duke 390 and BMW G310 R, where their top speeds are also tested.

KTM Duke 390, BMW G310 R and Bajaj Dominar 400 are quite popular in the 2-3 Lakhs budget for entry-level premium motorcycles. Duke is the costliest of the three and Dominar is the most affordable. Here is a quick drag race between all the three motorcycles to check which one is faster and has the highest top speed.

Here we have the BS6 Bajaj Dominar, BS4 G 310 R and BS4 Duke 390. Dominar and Duke use the same engine, but the former produces less power figures. G310 remains the least powered of all, producing nearly 7 PS less than Dominar and about 10 PS less than the Duke 390.

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As the race starts, you can see the KTM Duke 390 taking an early lead and racing ahead very quickly. The second one to take the lead is BMW G 310 R, followed by Dominar. While Duke raches ahead by a huge distance, it is a close fight between the latter two. After some time, Dominar manages to overtake the BMW.

The top speed that we can see on KTM is 170 km/hr, while that of BMW is 166 km/hr. However, Dominar registers an even higher top speed of 181 km/hr on the odo. As the race comes towards the finish line, KTM Duke 390 remains in the lead but the gap between it and Dominar has been reduced now.

As the speeds cross 100 and the bikes are now slotted into fourth gear, that’s when Dominar starts its stint and takes no time in achieving its top speed. Duke 390 is the lightest of all and has a very strong mid and top-end range. That’s why it is the quickest to accelerate. Dominar has better low-end torque but slightly weaker top-end performance.