Bajaj Launches Avenger 220CC – Specifications & Price


Bajaj is India’s most loved brand which initially manufactured scooters and soon shifted to producing motorcycles as the latter were becoming more and more popular among the Indian customers who wanted a change from those two stroke, economical two–wheelers to more powerful four-stroke bikes.

Till date the company has been responsible for a number of bikes which had set and still setting the sales charts on fire.The line-up includes Platina 100, Platina 125, CT100, Boxer BM 100, Discover 100, Discover 135, Pulsar 150,Pulsar 180,Avenger 200,Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220.

If we carefully observe the growth of the company in terms of number of units it has sold of each bike,the Bajaj Avenger probably stands at the last place. Although the bike was powerful enough to turn a few heads,at the time of its launch the sales were severely affected by the existing as well as cheaper Yamaha Enticer.

Bajaj Avenger 220

Now the company has put in a bunch of efforts aimed at bringing the Avenger to a position which the bike deserved since its launch.The company has introduced Bajaj Avenger 220 which is expected to bring the charm back to it and could contribute to the existing sales figures.

On talking to an official from the company,he stated “Yes, the Avenger 220 is very much on the cards. We have not stopped Avenger’s production but its 200cc engine has been upgraded to 220cc. This engine is similar to the one on Bajaj Pulsar 220. All details will be shared once we officially launch this model.”

Specifications Of Bajaj Avenger 220

The Avenger sports a 4-stroke 220CC engine borrowed from the Pulsar family which delivers a maximum power of 19.3bhp @ 8500rpm and a maximum torque of 19.12Nm @ 7000rpm.

Other Features Include:-

  • Battery Sensor
  • Self cancel indicators
  • DC electrical

Available Colors:-

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Silver

Price Of Bajaj Avenger 220

The bike has been launched in Pune and comes with a price tag of Rs. 76,876/-(On-Road)

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  1. sir,
    i want to buy the new bajaj avenger 220 so please tell me the specification and price on road at delhi.

  2. Hey guys just bought my Avy 220cc 5 days back and completed 150 KM.. this is a awesome bike in terms of cruising and milage is around 38-40. i am driving at 40-50 KMPS these days but also try 120 KMPS on my fren’s Avy.. Guys if you are looking forward to buy this Good looking Monster then go ahead this bike doesnt have any problem with gear shifting or Oil leakage all depends on the maintenence. 1 thing is the FACT when you are on this avvy on road everybody will surely notice you.. And about gals, every gal like “The guy with AVVY220CC”… hehehehe

  3. Hey…

    Today, I went to show room. They said, the on-road prize is 95000 including tax & registration..

    Gosh! Is that real?

  4. @mathes
    In Delhi its close to Rs. 85,000, In which state you want to buy it? Ask some other dealer, or call the customer care.

  5. @Ankit V hay bro you r absolutely right,cool bike i have ever ride in india!
    and we getting noticed by girls!nice bike..


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