Bangalore Auto Drivers Launch Namma Yatri App with Negotiable Prices and Cash-Only Payment

As it turns out, people are highly annoyed and frustrated with the astronomical fares charged by Ola and Uber.

In interesting news, the autorickshaw drivers (Bengaluru Auto Rickshaw Driver’s Union) in Bangalore develop their own App called Namma Yatri to offer auto rides to passengers at nominal costs. It is not unknown that the cab operators like Ola and Uber charged exorbitant amounts of money from passengers, particularly during peak hours as surcharges. However, the daily commuters didn’t have an alternative. As a result, the auto drivers of Bangalore decided to mimic the Yatri app that is present in Kochi, Kerala with a similar user interface as the rivals.

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Auto Drivers Develop Namma Yatri App in Bangalore
Auto Drivers Develop Namma Yatri App in Bangalore

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Namma Yatri App Bangalore

What is surprising is the fact that the app received over 10,000 downloads even before launch. The launch is slated for November 1 after which the operations will commence. As per the details of this app, one would easily be able to book the autos by typing in the pick-up and drop-off locations. They will receive a quotation from the auto drivers nearby. It will include the base price (as set by the authorities) plus the extra Rs 10 – Rs 30 to reach the pickup location. This seems like a fair ask. Once the user confirms the prices and the auto, the journey will begin.

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Another important aspect of this app is that it will offer cash transactions. A large part of commissions will be saved using this model as there is no amount to be paid to the aggregators as is the case with Uber and Ola. A few social media users have already posted about the ease of booking a ride with the app along with its great interface.

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As per reports, this app is developed in partnership with Beckn Foundation which is backed by Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani. This app is touted to be a major threat to commercial cab operators like Ola and Uber. One could easily understand the need and application of Namma Yatri as the Indian population is highly price-conscious. Such solutions help more people to use the familiar auto-rickshaws in a more organised way without having to pay a huge premium for it. We shall wait and see how well the people embrace it. What are your thoughts on this app?

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