Indian Uber Driver in Australia Shares His Income Details

Uber has emerged as a great option for all the students who migrate to foreign countries from India alongside their full-time studies.

This video comes from an Indian student in Australia who attends the university on the weekday and generates a decent income as an Uber driver on the weekends. Uber allows people to work part-time which is why the YouTuber recommends that everyone should get an Uber account after they have migrated to Australia. In order to show the real-life work of an Uber driver, he has come up with this video of him working on a weekend.

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Uber Driver Income in Australia

The YouTuber begins the video by taking on the 12-hour driving challenge. The plan was to drive from 8 PM to 8 AM from Saturday night to Sunday morning. He is active in one of the most popular streets in Adelaide where all the clubs and pubs are located. Hence, it becomes easier to get customers throughout the night. Being a weekend, such areas are excessively busy. However, he got tired after completing around 6 and half hours and decided to call it a day.

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He began the next day trying to complete the 12 hours that he was originally supposed to do. Finally, he was able to get decent work for around 4 hours on Sunday as well. Overall he managed to drive for a bit more than 10 hours on the two days without too much struggle. This was the drive time for two days. For this time, he was able to earn AUD 515. This comes out to be roughly Rs 28,100. The YouTuber mentions that this is a great way to earn decent side income on the weekends without compromising on the studies.

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In a bid to achieve financial freedom while pursuing full-time higher studies, such additional sources of income are necessary. However, you must make sure that the main studies don’t take the back seat. What are your thoughts about this part-time job for anyone in Australia?

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Income of Uber Driver in Australia
Income of Uber Driver in Australia

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