Maruti Eeco Electric MPV a.k.a Suzuki Every Launched In Japan On Trial Basis


Maruti Suzuki has never looked up to any other manufacturer in terms of sales and in fact every other manufacturer follows the brand, in order to at least get closer to the benchmarks set by it. Each and every vehicle from Maruti somehow performs extremely well in the market with amazing sales on its side but there was a model which did not stand up to the company’s and customers’ expectations.

Still regretted and known as Maruti Versa, the car turned out to be a complete mishap with disappointing sales and a depressing feedback. Maybe the company took it as a lesson and launched a younger sibling lately, known as Maruti Eeco. Surprisingly the low cost Eeco MPV did exceptionally well and catapulted itself to bag a place in the best selling cars list.


In Japan, Suzuki has launched Versa with a different name, Suzuki Every EV after converting it into an electric vehicle, on a trial basis. To study the reaction of the Japanese consumers before they actually put an electric car to mass production, the brand has deployed 13 units of Every to its sales outlets. Through this strategy they will come to know what people think of an electric MPV and to what extent the car can emerge as a success.

The car comes with factory fitted a pack of lithium-ion batteries with a range of 100 km or 62 miles on a full charge and it needs four to five hours to be completely charged.

With the transformation from an internal combustion to an electric car, it cost an extra 441 pound now making it heavier that the gasoline model but the load capacity remains the same 551 pounds. As of yet nothing is known about Suzuki’s future plans of introducing an electric vehicle but if it does well in Japan then very soon we may see Maruti following the same route in India as well.