BJP Member Sets His Mahindra Scorpio On Fire To Buy Jewellery For Wife

Just when you thought you had seen enough bizarre incidents, a case of a BJP leader setting his own Mahindra Scorpio on fire emerges.

A BJP leader in Tamil Nadu was caught in the CCTV footage where he is seen setting his Mahindra Scorpio on fire. As per HW News, the leader wanted to claim insurance that he wanted to spend on buying expensive jewellery for his wife. Now, this event is a combination of bizarre and hilarious interpretations. You might have heard about people going to extreme lengths to claim insurance and this incident certainly qualifies to rank on that list. Let us check out the details of this entire saga.

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BJP Leader Sets His Scorpio On Fire

According to the video uploaded on YouTube, the BJP Tiruvallur West district secretary Sathish Kumar’s neighbours and relatives lodged a complaint informing the local police that his Scorpio was set ablaze by some miscreants. The incident took place on April 14, 2022, in front of his house in Madhuravoyal in Chennai. However, after examining the CCTV footage, the police arrested Sathish for being involved in this himself. The CCTV footage revealed that he had used a petrol bomb to light up his Scorpio with the aim of claiming insurance. A man is visible in the video spraying something on the car and the Sathish igniting the fire using the petrol bomb.

During the interrogation, Sathish confessed to the crime and also offered the reason for it. He explained that his wife wanted to buy some gold and he didn’t have money for it. His wife forced him to sell the car off but he came up with the ingenious idea of setting his car on fire to claim the insurance. The amount that he hoped to receive as compensation was to be used to buy gold for his wife. However, all of his plans fell through when he was caught in the CCTV camera that was installed nearby.

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bjp leader sets mahindra scorpio fire false insurance

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This is one example that shows how people try to fool the insurance companies to get some money. The greed of people drives them to create such circumstances. This BJP leader setting his Mahindra Scorpio on fire is simply one example of it.

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