BMW Four Cylinder Engines Get Turbochargers


BMW has a very rich heritage of technologically top-notch engine which kept on setting benchmarks after benchmarks. The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines from BMW came into existence from 1931 but were completely rare with being fitted only in some popular cars. The family later encouraged the V8, V10 and then V12 which completely changed the scenario of the market.

In fact it was the first German automotive manufacture to revive the V12 engine in 1986 therefore forcing Mercedes-Benz to keep abreast with the latest ongoing then. So far the company has proved itself at every point where the customers and market demanded and recently it has made an announcement which would definitely force other majors to think over their strategies.


A new report claims that BMW plans to eventually add turbocharging technology to its entire range of four-cylinder engines with the most powerful application being of 245 horsepower unit with TwinPower Turbo technology. This clearly tells that for all models demanding more power i.e more than 245 HP will be fitted with straight six cylinder arrangement or V8.

The new turbocharged engine line-up is expected to feature 2.0 Liter aluminum blocks each having different power outputs which could be varied by employing different turbocharging technologies and engine mapping. A unique thing being reported about the new engines is a a thin 0.3 mm sprayed-on iron cylinder lining instead of the current 1.5 mm cast iron liners.

BMW is also claiming that this new line-up produces more power than its naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engines and that too with fewer emissions. So all in all this could help the company get more sales figures and eventually bring a larger market share to it.

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