BMW i8 Spyder Hybrid Concept Car Revealed– Will Reach Production Line Soon?

BMW is a brand that is driven by sophistication and innovation. Some time back it launched its own electric sub-brand BMW I and also unveiled two concept cars at the launch, BMW i3 hatchback and BMW i8 sports car. Both the products are equally loaded when it comes to latest technologies and were acclaimed globally. Especially the i8 was so liked by many that it even made a debut in the latest Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible.

Now following the i3 and i8 concepts, BMW has unveiled the BMW i8 Spyder concept which is a roof-less version of the i8 concept coupe. Alike its coupe siblings the i8 Spyder is a genuine sports car yet it consumes the same amount of fuel as expected from a small car. Thanks to its intelligent lightweight design and state of the art hybrid technology, it performs like a true sports car.

BMW i8 Spyder studio front

image – BMW i8 Spyder Electric

This Hybrid machine is based on BMW’s LifeDrive architecture incorporating lightweight modular construction and use of high-tech high-quality materials. Since it is a hybrid, under the hood it carries an eDrive drivetrain which is a combination of a high performance electric motor and a petrol combustion engine.

The electric motor drives the front wheels with a maximum power output of 131 BHP while the 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol unit develops 223 BHP of max power and delivers it to the rear wheels. So together the arrangement produces 324 BHP of max power and 550 Nm of peak torque which is quite impressive. As claimed by BMW it delivers a fuel efficiency of about 35-40 KMPL which is astonishing.

BMW i8 Spyder studio rear

BMW i8 Spyder Electric

The lithium-ion battery can be fully charged using a domestic power socket in less than two hours and when fully charged, it can cover around 30 kilometers on the battery alone. All in all it is a great car with some great innovative features and we hope BMW commercializes it soon.

BMW i8 Spyder Electric Official Pictures

BMW i8 Spyder Front

image – BMW i8 Spyder Electric

BMW i8 Spyder rear

image – BMW i8 Spyder Electric

BMW i8 Spyder interiors

image – BMW i8 Spyder Electric Interiors

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