BMW Showcased ConnectedDrive Concept -An Intelligent Future Car At Auto Expo 2012


After the premier of BMW ConnectedDrive Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, BMW brought this car to the 2012 Auto Expo. At first glance it looks like a car from a sci-fi movie and to extent, it is. In the guise of a two seat roadster it is an intelligent future car that integrates a part of the outside world with network of innovations it has.

With this car BMW presents the potential of current and future in-car technology for improving safety, comfort and infotainment. It is based on a design principal that employs layers which demonstrate the connection of the vehicle with the driver, passenger and its surroundings.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW Group India said, “Pioneering technology of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept study heightens driving pleasure. BMW Vision ConnectedDrive has strengthened the leading position of BMW in the development of innovative driver assistance systems. The concept symbolises the advanced level of intelligent networking in the automobile world which sets new benchmarks in convenience, infotainment and safety.”


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car

BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car Official Video

The concept car’s interior is divided into three layers – comfort, infotainment and safety and three different fiber optic light installations correspond to each of the three aspects. First layer with red colour emphasizes on safety-specific information and the driver’s focus on the road. The second layer which is blue in colour focuses on infotainment and promotes the bond between between the driver and passenger.

BMW-ConnectedDrive_Concept rear

image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car rear

The final layer defined by the colour green concentrates on the vehicle’s interaction with the surrounding world. The headlights and rear lights have integrated sensors to monitor traffic and the environment which send the data to the driver so that he takes the appropriate decision. The doors are not hinged and in fact slide, which comes as an inspiration from BMW Z1.

BMW-ConnectedDrive_Concept side

image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car side

All in all it is a great initiative by BMW and I hope we do get to see such cars getting accepted commercially in the near future.

BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car Exclusive Shots From 2012 Auto Expo


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car


image – BMW ConnectedDrive Concept Car interiors

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