BMW X2 Coming By 2016 To Rival Range Rover Evoque and The Likes


BMW and Audi are the current market leaders in the premium car segment and now that Mercedes-Benz is behind by a considerable margin, these two brands are planning to get even more aggressive than before. Now the real competition is between these top two German makers and to overtake the other, both are working on new models that will take a couple of years to come.

Talking about Audi first, this very brand is climbing the success ladder like nobody else. The rate of success can be easily guessed by how fast the first lot of Audi Q3 was sold out. It was really interesting to see as it clearly indicated that now buyers would like to spend a little extra for that gorgeous looking Q3 than going with the BMW X1. Audi’s Q series is already full or soon it will be once Audi launches the Audi Q2 which expected around 2014, and the Q8 that is based on MQB Platform of the next generation Audi Q7.

2016 BMW X2

image – 2016 BMW X2 Rendering, image source – BMWBlog

In competition with Audi, BMW is planning some new vehicles which will exploit some new segments as well compete with existing vehicles. BMW’s X lineup currently comprises of BMW X1, X3, X5 and BMW X6. Beside these models BMW is also developing X4, a new addition to the line-up that will be inspired from the X6. So there will be just one place left and that will be for X2.

As per some German publications BMW is considering injecting another model (the X2) into its portfolio. This lifestyle crossover will go against the extremely successful Range Rover Evoque and the yet to come Porsche Macan. Nothing is known about the design of the car but sources say that its design will be inspired from the X series and Z series and will be a blend of both the families.

The rendering presented above is published by BMWBlog according to which the car is codenamed F47 and is scheduled for market launch in the year 2016. A lot of changes and developments will happen on the way, we will keep an eye on these updates and will bring you the new happenings and updates. Stay tuned for more.