BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 Launched in India for a Price of Rs 2.4 Lakhs

The BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 gets new graphics, a new 5.0-inch TFT color screen, ride-by-wire throttle and riding modes for a price of just Rs 12,000 more over the BS4 model.

TVS Motor Company has launched the 2020 BS6 Apache RR 310 in India today for a price of Rs. 2.4 lakhs. The new Apache RR 310 is Rs 12,000 more expensive over the BS4-spec Apache RR 310. It continues to be powered by a 312.2cc engine that produces 34hp at 9,700rpm and 27.3Nm at 7,700rpm, albiet in BS6 form. TVS has also taken this opportunity to update their flagship motorcycle with a number if additional features to offer more value for money. The motorcycle even comes with a five-year warranty plan now.

BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 launched in India for a price of Rs 2.4 lakhs
BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 launched in India for a price of Rs 2.4 lakhs

The BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 gets a new dual-tone paint scheme that really enhances its appearance. The body panels however remain exactly the same as the BS4 spec motorcycle. A large ‘Apache’ sticker now runs across the fairing and onto the fuel tank, while the RR310 logo sits above it. The rest of the bits, like the dimensions, dual projector LED headlamp, LED tail-lamp and seats remain identical as before.

The biggest feature that the Apache RR 310 has gained with the BS6 update is a new 5-inch colour TFT instrument panel with Bluetooth. The system gets smartphone connectivity via what TVS calls the ‘Smart XConnect’. It allows rider to pair their phone with the system and run a number of functions like display turn-by-turn navigation, showing incoming caller’s details and even has the facility to accept or reject the call. 

There are significant upgrades on the BS6 motorcycle over the BS4-spec model
There are significant upgrades on the BS6 motorcycle over the BS4-spec model

It also records and displays ride statistics after the completion of a trip. It also displays vehicle health alerts (fuel level, service due and ABS malfunction), and mobile phone status (battery level, network strength). The screen also has a sensor that automatically adjusts between day/night settings as per the ambient light.

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There are some changes on the technical side too. TVS has now introduced ride-by-wire throttle on the BS6 Apache RR 310. This has allowed TVS to also introduce four different riding modes on the motorcycle – Rain, Urban, Sport, and Track. The modes essentially alters the power output, throttle response and ABS setting from Rain to Track. The Rain and Urban mode reduces power and torque output to 25.8hp at 7,600rpm and 25Nm at 6,700rpm, respectively. Top speed also falls to 125kph from 160kph. TVS has also swapped the previous RR 310’s Michelin Pilot Streets with new, Michelin Road 5 tyres.

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TVS has also introduced the Glide Through Technology+ feature, similar to what we’ve seen in the BS6 Apache RTR 160 4v and RTR 200 4v. It works like the creep function in an automatic transmission equipped car, allowing the rider to keep moving without the need of feeding any throttle. The BS6 TVS Apache RR 310 sees significant updates over its BS4 predecessor and for its price, its an extremely value for money product.  

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