Audi India To Start Pre-Owner (User) Cars Business – “Audi Approved Plus” By 2011 End


Audi India has realized the potential of the pre-owned (2nd hand cars or used cars) car market in India. This is specially important in an economy like India because in India, many people buy used cars because of sheer fact that they get a lot of features and value for money at a lesser cost. No doubt the feeling of owning a new car is far better than buying a used car, but the used cars come considerably cheap compared to the new one. Many premium automobile brands in India like BMW and Volkswagen run their own pre-owned car businesses and some have their finance wings also. Considering the opportunity in this business space, and to deliver the top notch experience to the pre-owned Audi car buyers, Audi has announced that they will start their pre owned car business in India.


As per a recent official statement by Audi India Head Michael Perschke

The way Indian market is growing, there is an opportunity in the used car business and we also want to tap it. By the end of the year (2011), we will start our used car business under the Audi Approved Plus brand.

Having a certified brand outlet for pre-owned cars is mutually beneficial for both the buyers and the brand. The reason behind this is that the brand has all the infrastructure and systems in place to market and service the pre-owned cars. Pre-owned outlet also conduct a comprehensive check-up of the car in terms of features and functionality before handling to it the buyer. This provides the brand to get some additional business while the customer receives the car i n better condition and with peace of mind and usually with some warranty on the car after buying.

We hope this will help Audi improve its reach in Indian market and compete better with its competitors BMW and Mercedes Benz better in India. Audi has recently revealed its 7th generation all new Audi A6 in India. You can check out more on the same.

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