Gul Panag’s Shares Her Passion For Audi And Driving In A Video Interview With Car Blog India


Gul Panag, Bollywood actress from India drove the all new Audi A6  to the ramp during the Audi A6 launch in India on 3 August 2011. We have already shared most of the details about the Audi A6 Specs, Features and Price in our initial article here. At the launch event, we talked to Gul about her passion for Audi and driving. We got to know a lot of interesting facts about Audi A6 and Gul’s passion for Audi. Gul also described about her views and review on Audi A6 and the features she like the most in the A6. In this article, we share with you the exclusive Video Interview with Gul Panag about her views and reviews of Audi A6.

We learnt some interesting facts about Gul and Audi A6 from her which include:

  • Gul owns an Audi Q5 SUV and is herself an Audi Enthusiast
  • Two most impressive features of A6 as per Gul – First is that performs and handles very well. The Air-Suspension System in Audi A6 makes it wonderful dynamics and handling.
  • Gul also likes the Dynamic Cruise Control of the A6
  • Gul shared that she has driven the Audi A6 on a Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi
  • As per Gul the confidence and visibility is very good in A6 because of the 4 way adjustable seats
  • Gul shares that Audi is the bang for the buck and delivers more car per car
  • Gul shares that Audi treats the customer better in which way it stands out compared to competitors
  • In summary, Gul describes A6 to be Sporty, Progressive and Sophisticated

Video – Review of Audi A6 By Gul Panag

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