Can I Use Regular Oil After Using Synthetic Engine Oil?

Can you use regular engine oil after using synthetic oil is a common question that a ton of people have? It is very natural to ask this question because you have to get your engine oil changed every time you go for servicing your car. It has become a habit and most people don’t even consider it anymore. However, you might have come across dealership personnel who recommend using synthetic engine oils. Have you thought about the benefits of using synthetic oil over regular engine oil? There are quite a few reasons for using synthetic premium engine oil in your car. We shall discuss those reasons in detail along with the important question, can you use regular engine oil after using synthetic oil?

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Synthetic vs Regular Engine Oil
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Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a manufactured oil with additives and chemical compounding. It is prepared in a lab/factory with various chemical combinations. Hence, there are various types of synthetic oils depending on the usage and environment. Because these are specifically designed for all sorts of environments and purposes, they are substantially more expensive than regular oils. Here are some of the benefits of synthetic oil.

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  • Synthetic oil can operate under extreme temperatures as well. If it is too hot, it can still prevent friction between the engine components and provide sufficient lubrication.
  • In case of freezing temperatures, it can stay in a liquid state for a lower temperature range so you don’t have to worry about your engine oil getting frozen.
  • Temperature and Viscosity Index can be controlled to suit a variety of temperature conditions.
  • There is less formation of harmful deposits compared to regular oil.
  • The duration between oil replacement is longer compared to regular oil.

Some disadvantages of using synthetic oil include high costs compared to the regular oils and old car engines not being able to reap the benefits of the properties of synthetic oil. Also, if you switch between synthetic and regular engine oils in old cars, you might experience leakage and performance loss.

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Should You Switch Between The Two?

If you upgrade to synthetic engine oil from the regular and then want to switch back again, it might not be a big deal if the vehicle is new. You still might feel some performance drop. We suggest that if you wish to switch between the two, don’t do it directly. Instead, use a semi-synthetic engine oil once and then go to the regular so that you don’t notice a drastic change in performance suddenly. But for old vehicles, we recommend not to go for synthetic engine oil in the first place.

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