Stay Away From These Common But Dangerous Tips By Car Mechanics!

Here is a list of common, but wrong, and sometimes dangerous tips from car mechanics. It is not uncommon in our country to put your entire trust and faith in mechanics. To be fair, some of the mechanics are actually extremely experienced and know the ins and outs of an engine thoroughly. However, not a lot of these mechanics are that experienced. Hence, some poor advice and wrong tips are a part of the service and repair scenarios. We have compiled a list of such careless tips that mechanics generally give out but there is little to no benefit in them. In fact, it could even prove dangerous and expensive in the long run.

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Common Dangerous Tips by Car Mechanics

Ignore Sounds from Tyres and Engines

One of the common tips that mechanics give is that one can ignore the sounds that come from engines or tyres. In the case of tyres, this sound could be indicative of the wear of braking pads. The squealing sounds indicate that the brake pads have worn out completely and it is time to replace them. If not replaced timely, the braking efficiency of the car will get affected which is a dangerous situation to invite. Similarly, the sounds from the engine represent a problem with some component and must not be ignored under any circumstance. Later on, it might turn out to be a minor issue but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Topping Up Windshield Fluid With Water

While the mechanic might advise this in the interest of you saving some buck on the dedicated windshield washer, but the long-term impact of your windshield will definitely be more expensive. The fluid contains various chemicals which serve a detergent, lubricant, solvent, anti-freeze, etc. Filling the washer with regular water is not optimal and will cause scratches on the surface and problems in the tank at low temperatures.

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Ignore the Warning Lights

Ignoring the warning lights on the instrument cluster is the most stupid thing you can do as an owner. The warning lights literally scream that sometimes is wrong with the car and if you keep ignoring it, the damage it might cause to the engine components is huge. Visit the service centre as soon as you get any warning light.

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Using Regular Soap for Car Wash

The regular soaps/detergents are not designed for cars. The paint and other protective coatings on the body surface of the car could get damaged if you use strong detergent. This will affect the quality of your paint, might cause the exteriors to fade and remove the anti-rust protective cover too. Always go for the car soaps and shampoos only.

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Use Hot Water to Defrost Windshield

While spraying hot water on a frozen windshield might be effective and quick, the long-term impact could potentially damage the windshield. The massive temperature difference between the frozen windshields and hot water could cause deformation to the glass and might develop cracks on the glass surface.

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