How To Make Your Car Door Rubber Last Longer

Car door rubber is important to maintain the comfort factor of your vehicle and it can last longer with a few simple steps. The rubber protects the car door when it is opened and when it is closed. Also, it keeps the rainwater away from the door area and keeps the cabin dry. Additionally, the door rubber is important to keep down the noise and vibration inside the vehicle. However, it can easily break down and need replacement. Let us help you keep a maintain your car door rubber and avoid frequent damage.

How To Make Your Car Door Rubber Last Longer In Simple Steps

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You can easily make your door rubber with regular maintenance. This includes simple things like parking in the shade. It helps protect the car door rubber from the sun and rain. Exposure to either of these natural elements for too long can shorten its lifespan. Since the dry rubber can become brittle and will break easily, you can apply silicone fluid to help keep the door rubber moist for longer. Additionally, it is important to clean dirt from the car rubber. You need to regularly wash the car and flush the rubber been the doors. This prevents the dirt or debris from contaminating the rubber. However, if the car door rubber in your car is sagging or deviating from its original shape, it is time for a replacement.

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Simply open all of the doors and check to see if any of the rubber is damaged. The seals also sag or go out of place due to degradation of the adhesive over time. You might also notice reduced soundproofing which leads to increased engine noise, road noise, the sound of metal clashing, or even more wind noise entering the cabin. Since leaving your door rubber damaged can lead to daily discomfort it is advisable to replace it at your earliest convenience. Also, it exposes your vehicle to water over time thus leading to rust.

You can easily replace the car door rubber yourself. All you need is the correct door rubber/ seal for your car model and weatherstrip adhesive to create a more permanent bond. However, one needs to keep a few things in mind during this process. For example, make sure no glue is left behind to hold the door rubber in place. Also, remove any other panels that may interfere with the removal process. Additionally, you will need clips to keep the new rubber in place while the adhesive dries.

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