Here Are Few Tips To Maintain Your Windshield Washer Fluid!

Here are some pro tips to take care of your windshield washer fluid. Many people are not aware of the impact that washing your windshield with regular water can have. There are some easy tricks to follow that will ensure that the health of your car’s components and windshield remains fit in the long run. The harmful effects of using tap water as your windshield washer fluid become visible over a long period of vehicle ownership. Hence, it is better to start working on these minute things from the very beginning and you won’t have to face difficulties later on. Let us give you some easy tips to ensure that.

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Windshield Washer Fluid

How to maintain your Windshield Washer Fluid?

There are professional washer fluids that one can get at the service dealerships. If you get your car’s service done, the technicians will put this washer fluid in your car free of cost. This industrial washer fluid is full of some additives for lubrication of your wiper surfaces as well as a washer pump. These use chemicals to ensure that no dust or grime enters the fluid reservoirs or nozzles which could cause the malfunctioning of the fluid or pump. If these dirt particles accumulate over time in the nozzles the efficiency of the pump starts to fade. This could also result in eventual damage to the pump. Replacing the pump might be a bit expensive.

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Secondly, if there is no proper lubrication in the wipers, there will be scratches on the windshield. This, too, is visible in the long run. By the time you realize that your windshield has scratches on it, it may be too late to d anything about it apart from changing, it. Also, it makes driving in the night extremely difficult and dangerous. The marks on the windshield cause the light to glitter more than normal and could potentially cause accidents.

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The pro tip to maintain the longevity of your windshield washer fluid is the fill it regularly with proper washer fluid and before it gets empty, refill with water. As long as it doesn’t completely run out of the washing fluid, there is no need to add new fluid. Just keep refilling with the water and you don’t have to worry about clogged up nozzles or pumps.

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