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Car-To-X Communication Wireless System Development By Cisco and NXP

Technology is a thing which is rising and developing every day, every minute. New inventions, improving previous benchmarks, everyday people wake and get to see new the technology around them changing their lifestyle. All these changes not only make a human life more comfortable but a lot safer. Automobile sector is no different story, new gizmos, goodies and technology is introduced every day. Automobile companies are investing more and more for development of new features for their offerings.

Headlights which can help increase visibility through rain, ambient lighting changing according to your mood and the list of such inspiring and groundbreaking technology goes on and now a new entry to the world is the Car-to-X Communication. Cohda is a known leading specialist in developing wireless communication for automotive safety applications. Now Cisco, a leading IT company and NXP known for its power management and provider of high performance mixed signals with Cohda decided to develop Car-to-X Communication to make the driving experience more safer.

Car to X

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Under the Car-to-X-Communication there will be Car-to-Car (C2C) and Car-to-Infrastructure (C2I) communication which will let to 81 percent less accident. This technology will warn the driver of hazards like potential of a collision ahead, alerting if a nearby vehicle is losing control, or of upcoming traffic congestion and others by allow reliable communication with each other.

Now that’s something very interesting as every vehicle can give its driver warning about potential hazards so that they can avoid any kind of accident, the vehicle might even automatically respond faster by changing the driving condition than a normal human in case of any danger or to avoid any. The three companies involved are known worldwide for their respective work in their respective fields, when this technology will be introduced in the market it will be very interesting to see how the automobile companies react to and how the consumers adopt it and where the development is taken further.