Changes Made to Mercedes Benz Nomenclature


Mercedes Benz has announced that it will be adopting a new, more simplified nomenclature for its vehicles. The company will rename existing models and will create new designations for its forthcoming models. The new nomenclature is centered around the three core models- C, E and S Class and has been introduced in order to simplify vehicle designations keeping in mind the planned launch of 12 brand new models by the end of 2020. The new Mercedes Benz nomenclature will be adopted 2015 onward and will be implemented gradually with new launches or facelifts of existing models.


The new nomenclature adopted by the German luxury car maker is centered around its three core models- C, E and S Class. The GLK-Class SUV will be renamed the GLC keeping in mind its close mechanical ties with the C-Class sedan. The ML-Class SUV will be renamed GLE with reference to it being an E-Class level SUV, while the upcoming Mercedes Benz Concept Coupe SUV will be christened the GLE Coupe. Keeping in mind the naming of SUVs with reference to their sedan counterparts the GL-Class will be renamed the GLS. The renaming will commence next year with the launch of facelifted models of the aid SUVs however, the G-Class will retain its name to honour its Iconic status.


Coming to Mercedes Benz’s sportscars the SLK will be renamed the SLC but instead of being renamed SLS, the SL will retain its iconic name much like the G-Class SUV.

G Unchanged
SL Unchanged

“More clarity, more transparency, more consistency. The logic built up on the basis of the core model series will enable our customers to find their way round our growing product portfolio better,” said Jens Thiemer, head of marketing communications. He also confirmed the pending arrival of the CLA Shooting Brake which will be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2015.

The new Mercedes Benz nomenclature also includes lower case suffixes to denote the engine type in order to get rid of the current overly long and complicated suffixes used by the company. A vehicle with a diesel engine will carry the suffix ‘e’on its bootlid, ‘c’ for CNG, ‘e’ for electric, ‘f’ for fuel-cell and ‘h’ for hybrid. Petrol engine powered models will not carry an suffix, for example; the new C-Class will be simply called the C200.

Natural Gas Drive (CNG) c
CDI and BlueTec (diesel) d
Plug-in Hybrid, BlueTec Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Drive (electric) e
F-Cell (fuel cell) f
Hybrid and BlueTec Hybrid (Hybrid) h
Petrol No suffix

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