Chevrolet Beat Electric Drive Experience Video- A Look Into Future Of Electric Cars In India

We have attended a technology showcase event by General Motors India (Chevrolet India) for the Indian media at New Delhi yesterday on 23 June 2011. At the event, GM India showcased their small Battery electric Chevrolet Beat Electric car which was a prototype car to demonstrate the technology that GM India has developed on the Electric cars front. Here is a detailed insight into the car –

Chevrolet Beat Electric Details and Specifications

In this article we share with you our experience, a quick video review and some insights into the future of such cars as shared with us by the GM India President and MD, Mr. Karl Slym

Chevrolet Beat Electric Car India (13)

Expedience Of Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Car Drive In India

It was a brief drive of about 3 to 4 minutes in the hot summer day of Delhi, but was sufficiently impressive, quick and interesting in many ways. Impressive because the performance of the  Beat Electric is very good in consideration of the starting torque or pick-up, also the way it accelerates is quite impressive. The air-conditioning has been fairly effective on a hot summer day in Delhi with about 40 Degree Celsius temperature and out in sun. The drive was interesting as GM India MD & President was driving the car and demonstrating about it and he also shared his views about possibilities of such cars being launched in India.

As per Karl, shared that this car is just for showcase as of now and for launch of any electric vehicle, they will wait for Govt. policies to be more clear, also the technology teams will take some more time to develop a ready for production vehicles, also the acceptability of electric cars by Indian customers is one of the key factors before GM India can take any decision or define a timeline for launch.

Video of Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Car Drive In India

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