Chevrolet will soon launch the 2017 Beat in India. While it may not be an entirely new product, Chevrolet has given it a comprehensive makeover. The new 2017 Beat gets a new face, updated interiors and additions to the features list. However, engine options are likely to remain the same. So, what all has changed? Read our Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Model comparison to find out

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Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Price Comparison

Old Model New Model
Minimum Price Rs 3.95 Lakh Rs 3.90 Lakh
Maximum Price Rs 6.35 Lakh Rs 6.50 Lakh

GM India cited competitive pricing as one of the major reasons for updating the current Beat rather than bringing in the all-new model on sale internationally. Which is why we’re expecting the 2017 model to cost the same, if not a bit less than the outgoing model. Here’s the full price list of the Chevrolet Beat currently on sale

Model Ex-Showroom Delhi Price (as of May 2017)
Chevrolet Beat Petrol Manual PS Rs. 3.95 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Petrol Manual LS Rs. 4.28 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Petrol Manual LT Rs. 4.85 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Petrol Manual LTZ Rs. 5.32 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Manual PS Rs. 4.95 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Manual LS Rs. 5.30 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Manual LT Rs. 5.61 lakh
Chevrolet Beat Diesel Manual LTZ Rs. 6.35 lakh

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Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Exterior Comparison

Chevrolet has given the Beat a new face. It gets new headlamps and a new bumper. While it continues with a two-piece grille, it is now different in profile. The lower part of the grille and the air dam below that bear some resemblance to the older model. It is hard to tell the new model apart from the old one when viewed from the side. At the back, the number plate has been moved to the bumper. There are also new tail lamps and a new tail gate on offer. Overall, the new Beat looks a bit more grown up. However, it still bears a strong resemblance to the model it replaces. So, basically, the new car’s exterior features include-

  • New front bumper
  • New front grille
  • Refreshed rear
  • New tail lights

Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Interior Comparison

The cabin will also carry some changes. There will be a new touchscreen infotainment system on offer. The funky instrument cluster will also get updates. The dashboard design will be similar to the Beat Activ concept’s pictured below

Highlights include –

  • New touchscreen
  • New multifunction steering wheel
  • Updated instrument console
  • Body colour interior highlights (rumour)
  • New upholstery

Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Specifications Comparison

Old Model New Model (expected)
Engine 1.2 L Petrol; 1.0-litre Diesel 1.2 L Petrol; 1.0-litre Diesel
Max. Power 79 BHP; 57 BHP 79 BHP; 57 BHP
Peak Torque 108 Nm; 150 Nm 108 Nm; 150 Nm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual

The upcoming new Beat will continue using the 1.2 L petrol and 1.0 L diesel engine that power the current model. There could be some changes in terms of overall power output. Mileage could also see a small hike

Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Mileage Comparison

Old Model (claimed) New Model (estimated)
Petrol Mileage

18.6 KMPL

18-19 KMPL

Diesel Mileage 25.44 KMPL 24-25 KMPL

While the engine options will remain the same, there could a marginal increase in fuel efficiency.

Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Dimensions Comparison

Old Chevrolet Beat New Chevrolet Beat (estimated)
Length 3,640 mm 3,640 mm
Width 1,595 mm 1,595 mm
Height 1,520 mm 1,520 mm
Wheelbase 2,375 mm 2,375 mm

Since the new model bears only cosmetic changes, dimensions should remain the same.

Chevrolet Beat Old vs New Comparison Verdict

The launch of the new Beat should help put an end to GM’s struggles in India. However, this not being an all-new product could backfire. We will have to wait and see how the customer reacts to it.

  • Design – The new Beat 2017 looks grown up. It gets a new exterior and updates to the interior.
  • Features – Expect GM to make significant additions to the features list of the Beat.
  • Specifications – Engine options will remain the same.
  • Price – Expect prices to start at around Rs. 3.90 lakh.

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