Chevrolet India Plant Stops Productions Due Labour Strike


General Motors India (Chevrolet India) is facing a hard time because of labour’s strike. Its second time in last 14 months that labour went on strike and halted production at the plant. 70% of the total workforce of about 1000 labour working at the General Motors Halol Plant in India has joined this strike. The production has stopped and management is trying to get things back on track. As per company spokesperson, an agreement was signed after the last strike for a period of three years, which is being violated in this strike by the labour. Labour on the other hand is complaining about excess work load and health hazards at work.


We hope soon some sort of agreement will be reached between the management and the labour union and some consensus will be reached.

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  1. An Aveo 1.4 LT was delivered to me in March, 2011. It lacked bonnet and boot insulation. I was told by the dealer (India Automobiles in Kolkata) that this is now the norm as the management is on a cost cutting drive. I now have to buy the insulation – I wouldn’t have minded paying an extra 2K on a 7 lakh car as long as it was complete. To think that I went for my second Aveo, the earlier one being a 1.6 LT in 2007, which didn’t lack insulation. This incredibly mean attitude tells me never to buy another car from GM India – who knows, next time they may leave out a couple of wheels on account of bone-headed cost cutting. If they have the same mean attitude towards their workers, their days as a company are numbered.


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