Chevrolet India Labor Strike Resolved Completely At Halol Plant


Chevrolet India (General Motors India), has been facing a difficult time because of a labor strike which started about third week of March 2011. About 70% of the labor went on strike which caused a loss of production for many days and a financial loss to Chevrolet India. After about 2 weeks of discussions and negotiation, the strike has been completely resolved and workers have resumed normal operation as the GM India plant at Halol.



As per the official statement from Mr P Balendran, Vice-President, General Motors India, released on May 4th, 2011:

GM India is pleased to inform tonight that the remaining workers that were involved in a labor dispute in our Halol plant have decided to call off their actions and will resume duties as of tomorrow morning. This follows an understanding reached between management and workers that was supported by labor department officials in Baroda. We expect a return to a normal business situation in the next days.

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