Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Vs Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel – Which Is Better and Why?


The Car Comparison series on Car Blog India is ready with yet another episode and for today the faceoff will be between the diesel variants of Hyundai Verna Fluidic and 2011 Ford Fiesta. The Petrol versions of the same have already been compared and the diesel comparison was due, therefore with this post we will try to help you decide which one is a better buy?

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Exteriors Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Exteriors

Hyundai’s next generation fluidic sculpture has done wonders for this new car, which is why the car is tough competitor for the rest from the sedan segment. The looks is where the car is heavily worked upon with a beautiful body to die for. From the front bumper to the rear one everything seems so stylish and contemporary and a sort of vibrancy is there which makes pulls you towards it.

The Fiesta is no match in beauty but people who want have a more brutal, macho and rugged looking car, then it will surely impress you. If you incorporate plenty of curves with masculinity, then you will certainly come up with something like Fiesta. This car is not meant for people who love elegance, instead it is very chunky if you observe carefully.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Dimensions:

  • Overall Length (mm): 4,370
  • Overall Width (mm): 1,700
  • Overall Height (mm): 1,475
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,570

2011 Ford Fiesta Dimensions:

  • Length= 4291 mm
  • Width= 1722 mm
  • Height= 1496 mm
  • Wheelbase= 2489 mm

There is not much difference between the two cars in terms of dimensions and therefore judging them on the basis of width, heights etc., will not be a smart approach. As far as looks are concerned, I would love to have an elegant Verna than a brutal Fiesta.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Interiors


image- Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors


image- 2011 Ford Fiesta Interiors

On the inside both the cars come loaded with every possible feature that one desires. Both give each other a tough competition with some of the highlighting features not available with the rest. For instance Verna gets 6 airbags as compared to the two in Fiesta but the latter is equipped with Cruise Control which is no there in Verna so it is quite balanced.

Talking about the quality, the Hyundai is ahead with the good quality plastics but the dashboard of Fiesta is more contemporary and stylish than Verna’s which balances the comparison yet again. Likewise there are a number of aspects where Ford has stressed upon and Hyundai has not and vice-versa.

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Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Diesel Engine

This is the segment of the post where the actual comparison starts since the engine is the most important component of a car. Let us take a look at the engine specifications of the cars.

Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel Engine Specifications:
  • 4 Cylinder Inline 8 Valve DOHC CRDI Diesel Engine
  • TDCi Turbocharged Engine
  • 1498 CC Displacement
  • Max power output of 88.8 BHP@ 3750 RPM
  • Max Torque of 204 Nm @ 2000-2750 RPM
  • All Aluminum Engine construction
Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Engine Specifications:
  • Engine / Features                      1.4 Diesel Version                           1.6 Diesel Version
  • Max Power (PS)                                  90@4000                                               128@4000
  • Max Torque(Nm)                            224@1750-2750                                  265@1900-2750
  • ARAI Certified Mileage (KMPL)        23.5                                                         22.32

Yet again we are confronting a problem of engine comparison since none of the variants from both the cars have equal displacements but we will try to help you in the best possible way. The Fiesta’s diesel heart produces a maximum power of 89 BHP which is almost 17 BHP less than the Petrol version. As diesel engines are known for better torque figures, the Fiesta diesel produces 204 Nm of Torque.

Verna is offered with a 1.4 L and a 1.6 L heart. In spite of being smaller the 1.4 produces a maximum power of 90 BHP and peak torque of 224 Nm which is 20 Nm more than Fiesta’s bigger engine. If we compare the 1.6 L Verna then we observe that there is no competition between the two as the Verna is way ahead in performance with peak power of 128 BHP and a whopping peak torque of 265 Nm.

Talking in terms of mileage, the Fiesta delivers groundbreaking 23.5 KMPL with its 1.5 L engine which is same to what the 1.4 L Verna delivers. The 1.6 L Verna is extremely close at 22.32 km per liter of diesel.

But please remember that the Fiesta performs the same way as it looks which means that it can be tested rigorously and driven the way you wish whereas the Verna lacks the confidence of being stable at sharp corners and high speeds This is a disappointment since all that power and torque will become useless in Verna whereas the Fiesta will use every bit of it.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Diesel Price

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Price:
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.4 Diesel is priced at Rs. 8.09 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 Diesel is priced at Rs. 8.74 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX Diesel is priced at Rs. 9.34 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Diesel is priced at Rs. 10.04 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Automatic transmission Diesel is priced at Rs. 10.74 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi
2011 Ford Fiesta Diesel Price:
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel Style is Priced at Rs. 9.27Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel Trend is Priced at Rs. 9.77 Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel Titanium is Priced at Rs. 10.17 Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 Diesel Titanium+ is Priced at Rs. 10.42 Lakhs

Alike the Verna petrol the Verna Diesel also given a very tough competition to Fiesta Diesel with prices starting from 8.09 Lakh INR for base Verna which is significantly less than the base Fiesta Style, priced at 9.27 Lakh INR but the features like ABS , EBD will be there in Fiesta only and not Verna. The base 1.6 L Verna is again cheaper than the Fiesta style which could be a disappointment for Ford since the buyer gets more power with the 1.6 Verna, that too at a lesser price.

The top of the line Verna 1.6 SX(O) automatic is available for 10.74 Lakh INR being only Rs. 30,000 more than the top of the line manual Fiesta Titanium plus.

Car Blog India Verdict – Hyundai Verna Fluidic Diesel Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Diesel

We believe the battle is tough as the Verna stands out in pricing and power & torque figures whereas the Fiesta is good at features and handling, though it is more expensive. The quality of interiors is better in Verna as compared to that of Fiesta. With Verna you also get an option of buying the top of the line variant with automatic transmission at a lower price than the Fiesta’s top manual variant and also there is no option for automatic Fiesta.

Not considering the different features these cars offer since some may compromise features for price while some may not, if you are looking for a nice looking car at a reasonable price then opt for Verna but if you wish to have a driver’s car with good performance on city road, go for the Fiesta.