Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Vs Maruti Swift Diesel 2011–Which is Bette And Why?


Toyota has launched its Toyota Etios Liva today in Delhi starting at a very attractive price. Besides being a good product, Etios Liva has been lagging behind in sales since its launch, the major reason being absence of Diesel variant and increasing prices of petrol. With the launch of Diesel Variant of Liva, it has now come to a level playing field with the Maruti Swift as most of the sales of Maruti Swift 2011 include the diesel variants. In this article, which is a part of Car Comparison Series on Car Blog India, we will compare these two rivals.

Toyota Etios Liva Vs Maruti Swift 2011

Toyota Etios Liva Exteriors Vs Maruti Swift Exteriors

Toyota Etios Liva is a new offering from Toyota in India and is identical to its sedan version of Etios from front. Etios Liva looks quite simple and elegant from front an looks slightly better and more appealing from side and rear view. Going by its dimensions, Its slightly less wide compared to the new Swift 2011. On the exteriors, Toyota Liva has a moderate aesthetic appeal, however, with its contemporary looks and styling, its looks neat.

Etios Liva Dimension:

Length = 3775mm; Width = 1695mm; Height = 1510mm;

Maruti Swift 2011 is an improved aesthetic version of its previous model when considered from exteriors. It now comes with the same familiar shape, but larger dimension, longer body, better looking tail lamp cluster and hatch door. Overall it’s a good aesthetic improvement over the previous version of old Swift. However, its non-contemporary looks make it highly attractive for most and highly repelling for some people. Overall, it has a better sporty appeal from exteriors and looks a notch better than the Etios. In terms of dimensions, its slightly wider than Liva.

Maruti Swift 2011 Dimension:

Length = 3850 mm; Width = 1695mm; Height = 1510mm;

If I have to pick one purely based on the exteriors, I would pick Swift 2011.

Toyota Etios Liva Interiors Vs Maruti Swift Interiors

image- Toyota Etios Liva Interiors

Although dual tone fabric interiors of Liva look quite nice, but unfortunately, these are not available in the Diesel variant of the Liva. The Diesel Liva comes only with “GD” and “GD with optional pack” variants which comes with single colour black interiors seat fabric. The dashboard and instrument cluster however comes with dual tone (grey-black) tone which looks good. The interior space, quality, leg room and build of Liva is good. Plastic quality is also good. The car feels quite spacious and comfortable from inside and can seat three adjusts at the rear seat with moderate comfort.

image – 2011 Maruti Swift Interiors

Maruti Swift 2011 interiors are much better compared to old Swift. The quality of plastics is improved, the instrument cluster, dashboard design, fit and finish is also good. The leg space for the rear passenger has improved compared to the old model, but still not very comfortable. Overall, its very dark cabin from inside, which may seem dull to some and sporty to some. So its about your taste in interiors.

Overall, we find Liva to be better packaged and deliver better quality on interior and also more leg space for the rear passengers. So on interiors, Liva steals the deal.

Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Engine Vs Maruti Swift Diesel Engine

Maruti Swift 2011 Diesel Engine Specifications

  • Re-Tuned DDiS 1.3 Litre Fiat Multijet CRDI Diesel engine
  • 4 Cylinder, Displacement 1248 CC
  • Max power of 73.5 BHP @ 4000 RPM
  • Max torque of 190 Nm @ 2000 RPM
  • 5 Speed manual transmission
  • ARAI Certified mileage of 22.9 KMPL
  • Kerb Weight = 1050 to 1080 Kg
  • Power to weight ratio of 69.3 BHP / 1000 Kg

Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Engine Specifications

  • 1.4 Litre D4D CRDI Diesel Engine
  • Displacement of 1364 CC
  • Max Power of 67.07 BHP @ 3800 RPM
  • Max Torque of 170 Nm @ 1800 to 2400 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • ARAI Certified mileage of 23.59 KMPL
  • Kerb Weight = 980 Kg
  • Power to weight ratio of 68.4 BHP / 1000 Kg

Looking at the specifications of the engines, the 1.3 Litre Multi-jet diesel with 73.5 BHP of power and 190 Nm of torque looks to be much superior compared to the 1.4 Litre D4D engine by Toyota, but looking closely, its evident that the peak power and peak torque of the Toyota engine are delivered at comparatively lower ROM levels. Also there is a considerable difference in the weight of the two cars (approx. 80 Kg) which makes the power to weight ratio of these cars approximately equal. Which means that though Toyota engine delivers less power and torque, it is almost equally agile because of the fact that it has to pull less weight as well. Also Toyota engine delivers better mileage.

But coming back to the basics, I think the Engine of Swift is well renowned and is quite agile with a minor glitch of turbo lag in it which hits around 2000 RPM. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful engine. If I have to pick one of these two cars based on the engine, I would like to call it a tie. This is so because the D4D is a well established Diesel engine which is used by cars like Toyota Corolla Altis and other diesel cars from Toyota Portfolio.

Maruti Swift 2011 Diesel Performance & Handling Vs Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Performance & Handling

The performance and handling of Etios Diesel is quite good, however, the Swift is built with Rally bases suspensions and is well known to be a benchmark in handling in its segment. The Liva does come close to Swift but does not beat it in terms of handling and performance.

Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Price Vs Maruti Swift Diesel Price

Maruti Swift 2011 Diesel Price In India

Ex-showroom Delhi price of Maruti Swift Diesel 2011 is:

  • Maruti Swift Ldi Diesel is priced at Rs. 5.17 Lakhs
  • Maruti Swift Vdi Diesel is priced at Rs. 5.61 Lakhs
  • Maruti Swift Zdi Diesel is priced at Rs. 6.38 Lakhs

Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Price In India

Ex-showroom Delhi price of Toyota Etios Liva Diesel is:

  • Toyota Etios Diesel GD Variant is priced at Rs. 5.54 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Diesel GD With Optional Package is priced at Rs. 5.87 Lakhs

If we compare the two cars on the basis of the price, the Swift Vdi variant is priced very close to Liva GD variant. Comparing these two, both come without any audio system, and have decent features. The major differences being- Swift comes with larger 15 inch tyres. On the other hand, Liva offers ABS with EBD as standard on Diesel variant which is present only in Zdi which is priced much higher. Also Liva Diesel has a cooled glove box for keeping water and drinks cool on hot summer days. Apart from this, the feature list is more or less the same.

If you want to get the SRS airbags as well, you can get it with the optional safety package with the Liva diesel, whereas you have to pay about Rs. 77,000 more in case of Swift to get a fully loaded package which does include fates like integrated audio system and alloy wheels etc. which you won’t get with the Liva diesel.

Car Blog India verdict – Toyota Etios Liva Diesel Vs Maruti Swift Diesel

Etios Liva Diesel is a good choice if you are looking for a spacious, safe and value for money car. However, it may not give you the sharp handling of Swift. So if you are looking for a fuel efficient, safe and elegant car for you, Etios will not disappoint you.

If you are a spirited driver and want high performance and handling are on your priority list, Swift maybe a better choice for you. With larger tyres and stiffer suspensions, Swift is meant for enthusiastic driver. However, you may have to spend extra bucks to get full safety feature which you will get in Zdi only which is pricey. The Swift does offer better and sporty exterior looks, but is not as pleasing in terms of Interiors and space when compared to Liva Diesel.

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  1. […] Toyota has launched it Toyota Etios Diesel today with the same D4D engine which powers the Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel in India. The same engine has been modified and re-tuned for Etios Diesel and Liva Diesel. You can check out the details of Etios Liva Diesel and Etios Diesel here. In continuation of our Car Comparison Series on Car Blog India, today we will compare the Etios Diesel with its nearest rival, Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel. We have already compared the Maruti Swift Diesel and Etios Liva Diesel here. […]

  2. I am still confused with Liva, Ritz and New swift diesel….Everyone has there own opinion.
    Please help me getting out of this and let me know which to go for.
    Right now i have booked Swift VDI for myself, but not getting confidence on it as I have seen one person fighting for the issues he is facing in his New swift.
    Left door creates some noise.
    Cabin noise is too much and not getting good milage also.
    Please suggest something.

  3. Hi Suhas,

    You can go for I20magna which has grt looks, good mileage, less waiting period by extra 60k. However, the new swift rear is design is akward seems somebody hit from back and back broken and ofcourse waiting period. The old swift is much better than new.

    If you are looking for comfort,safe,mileage and value for money go for etios liva diesel. However, you have to spend around 30K to make fit with all features(like seatcovers,music system,rear spoiler,chrome finishing radiotor grill adn rear grill.

  4. I have recently booked for New Maruti Swift VDI and waiting for its delivery. I would like to know the availability of spares of Toyota Liva in the market.

  5. D4D engine which powers the Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel in India. The same engine has been modified and re-tuned for Etios Diesel and Liva .people have been fed up of MARUTI and TOYOTA shall be the winner surely.Toyota reliablity and brand value is another thing.

  6. Its reasonably good looking car. Looks great in almost all the available colors. Surprisingly, 14″ wheels are provided for G variant in place of 15″ wheels in its high end models, and there are no front or back side grills provided for G variant which has discredited the exterior looks to a great extent. But at an additional cost, you can get them fixed with originals by the dealer. Doesn’t look very strong or solid like POLO or Fabia which are considered to be best in the segment in that category. The ground clearance is best for Indian…another good things are Good looks and handling, smooth drive, very light steering, clean gears shift

  7. Just confused, booked a swift ldi on oct and hoping to get a delivery in dec, no reason to spend 45k more for the options in vdi when i can get it from the market at 25k, but should i go for liva? wat abt its service and spare availability and resale value?

  8. Am testing various diesel hatchbacks in the indian market. Frankly, i20 Swift has no issues, other than, its very omnipresent and also a bit pricey as compared to Liva. Whereas, liva, a great car to drive, has good acceleration, power and control. Tha cabin noise is a tad higher but it also ABS built in.

  9. Hi

    Between Swift and Liva, the apt choice for money, fuel and comfort will be Etios Liva, which gives all three…, so can go for it 100% safe.

  10. In the initial time Swift manufactured 100 cars/month. but today in 2011 they have been manufacturing more than 500cars. It means that the Quality of the Car has dropping as because they are not supposed to maintain the same Quality just they are looking for more market to tap..
    think it..
    my choice going for LIVA.!

  11. i booked my liva diesel. expecting the delivery by jan 2012.
    it has a wide space, comfort and fuel efficient. which i guess the common man’s need.

  12. wish toyota and others launch a product similar to Estilo/wagon r both in diesel and petrol with slightly more space

  13. swift is a better option than d liva..
    1. better resale value ( u cant just stick to one car ur whole life)
    2. better handling
    3. lower maintainance cost it being a maruti
    4. better styling
    5. performance better than d liva


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