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Corning Gorilla Glass On Cars For Safer And Quieter Commuting

Corning Gorilla glass is a series of special toughened and scratch-resistant glass used on mostly high end mobile phones, tablets etc. to protect them from scratches and damages. These are specially manufactured and heat treated glasses for clearer and longer lasting displays, but does it have something in store for cars? Well the cars also have plenty of use of high quality glasses with slightly different needs like it needs to be really tough, but at the same time, if a car windshield breaks, it should not create sharp edges or large pieces which can be fatal in case of an accident.

When Car Windshield Breaks

Most car glasses for windows and windshields are specially heat treated and coated with protective films in such a way that they do not turn into fatal knife like pieces when it breaks down. Rather, when a windshield wrecks completely, it is broken down into smaller chunks and spreads across so that there is least damage to occupants in the car.

Broken Windshield

How Will Corning Gorilla Glass Help In Cars

Corning, which is  a renowned name in making specialized glasses for gadgets is soon going to announce special glasses for cars which will not only be stronger, safer, but also more resistant to scratches. Corning Gorilla glass on cars will have smoother surface which will help in aerodynamics of the cars and will offer safer and more comfortable journey as it will also reduce the wind noise by virtue of its smoothness.

Will It Cost Too Much?

Since it’s a new technology, so we will not see a massive roll out right from the beginning. Initially a few luxury car manufacturers may go in for this option, but gradually when it becomes more affordable and popular, we will see cars fitted with new technology glasses making them safer, quieter and more efficient.

Going Forward

Innovation is the way forward, we have come of age when it comes to technologies used on the inside and outside of the cars making them more efficient with time. We will see more such innovations in the exteriors of the cars making them even more efficient with eco-friendly and more aero-dynamic designing making cars deliver more fuel mileage and pollute less.

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