Hyundai Venue Buyer Arm-twisted by Dealer to Buy Insurance From Him

According to some customers, the dealers are not entertaining cashless claims if the insurance is not bought from them. This is a serious problem considering the fact that the customers won’t have any choice but to purchase insurance from the dealers themselves. The problem with it is that they will gain a monopoly and can charge as per their wish. The customers will be left with no option. We came across such a problem with a customer who was discussing his case on the Team-BHP forum. He shared his incident and is asking for advice from fellow car customers. Here are the details of the entire event.

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Dealers Reject Cashless Insurance Claim

When this customer went to the dealership to get the vehicle fixed, the dealer didn’t settle for a cashless claim which is a feature offered by many insurance companies these days. Instead, it asked the customer to pay the full amount upfront and settle the claim with the insurance company afterward. This is outright bizarre if the dealers start rejecting claims from insurance companies. The car owners will suffer because of this and huge inconvenience will be caused to the car owners. There are many scenarios where the customer will have to run between the dealership and insurance companies just to settle the claim.

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There are modern insurance companies coming up with have digitization at their core. Everything is online including filling application forms, submitting documents, raising invoices, settling claims, etc. In this day and age, everything is shiting to cashless and digitization and it only makes sense if the dealers get more understanding too. Some of the members in the forum suggested that the dealers are pushing for their own insurance because they stand to get a commission from it. The customers end up paying more and it goes directly to the dealerships in the form of commission. These practices should be put under scrutiny and the government should intervene to ensure that the customers are not harassed to get their claims settled. This will set an example for dealers not to reject any cashless claims irrespective of where the car owner got his insurance from.

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