Delphi To Exhibit Innovative New Technology Automobile Components At Auto Expo 2012


Auto Expo 2012 will not only showcase some of the most modern cars of the world, but it will also be a platform for automobile component makers to exhibit their new and innovative technologies which help to make cars of future safer, more eco-friendly and fuel efficient. Delhi, Automotive, a global automobile component maker will showcase some of its most innovative range of Products at the Auto Expo 2012.


Some of the innovative products by Delhi at the 11th Auto Expo 2012 include:

  • Aluminum Cable: Provides significant weight reductions of up to 48 percent over traditional copper core cable without sacrificing performance. This weight reduction will directly help in increasing the vehicle’s fuel
  • Electrical Centers: Provides lightweight and compact optimized electrical architecture solutions, while reducing space and weight, boosting vehicle efficiency and lowering emissions
  • Five Cylinder Compact Variable Compressor: Engineered to be lightweight yet high-strength, Delphi’s CVC compressor  has a die-cast aluminum shell, and provides improved comfort, fuel economy and dehumidification
  • High Performance Front and Rear Combination HVAC Module:  Eliminating the need for both front and rear HVAC units, Delphi‘s combination module utilizes one front high performance HVAC module that delivers hot or cold air via ducts in the floor and pillars in the cabin..  The new HVAC module reduces mass, takes up less space, uses less electrical power and refrigerant while still providing passenger comfort.
  • 12mm Folded Tube Condenser: Delphi’s family of condensers utilizes either extruded or fabricated tube technology and includes the industry’s thinnest condenser at just 12 mm deep. This unique fabricated tube technology is a mass and price leader while providing improved condensing performance.
  • GDi fuel system: For gas engines, technology improvements can bring about substantial gains in combustion efficiency and result in cleaner engine-out emissions requiring less after treatment. Delphi offers a family of GDi injectors that support the evolution from homogeneous to spray-stratified operation without requiring modification of the engine controller architecture. The Multec® 12, 2011 Automotive News PACE award winner, is a multi-hole injector that has a unique decoupled design offering very low noise and no pintle bounce. Delphi is also developing the Multec 20 injector with an outwardly opening pintle that offers superior fuel spray characteristics. Operated in homogeneous mode, this injector can help reduce vehicle particulate emissions to below Euro 6 levels. GDi improves the efficiency of downsized turbocharged engines through cooling the charge, which reduces the tendency for engine knock at high loads. Delphi can provide the complete engine management system, including the fuel system, engine control module (ECM), and control software
  • Evaporative Emission Control Systems: Delphi is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of evaporative emission control systems, including canisters, producing millions annually and providing customers with products that offer world-class quality and performance. Delphi Evaporative Emission Canisters help limit the amount of gasoline vapors released into the environment by reducing evaporative emissions that occur from fuel storage and delivery in a vehicle’s fuel system.
  • Variable Valve Timing technology: VVTI Delphi variable valve train technology, which is centered on its variable cam phasing technology, is helping vehicle manufacturers enhance engine efficiency to boost fuel economy while reducing emissions, without sacrificing performance, cost effectively. This improves fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions, all at a low cost. Variable valve timing can be further fine-tuned to help maintain desired performance targets and can generate a noticeable fuel economy improvement. Variable Valve Timing also offers proven benefits of improved low speed torque and peak power
  • Parking Guidance System (PGS): Offers desirable parking guidance features with less hardware and at much lower cost. Using a rear-view camera and advanced algorithms to calculate the vehicle’s path, the PGS offers vehicle manufacturers an affordable parking guide solution that makes the difficult process of backing and parking way easier
  • Ultrasonic Intrusion Protection (UIP): Best in class false alarm resistance. It complies with type approval regulations and insurance requirements (e.g. Thatcham) and provides interior and anti-tow protection. It detects movement and inclination at low-current consumption and the sensor triggers alarm when movement or inclination is sensed
  • MyFi™: Delphi’s MyFi systems use an open architecture platform to offer innovative implementation of features including India Navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular connectivity, natural voice recognition, hands-free system operation and audio streaming. The Premium MyFi connectivity solutions can even leverage local and wide area networks for smart phone apps, remote servers and cloud-based services
  • Reconfigurable Displays: Full-color, high-resolution, reconfigurable displays that are designed to allow maximum flexibility for styling, functionality and information content will also be showcased. These displays are developed as a part of Delphi’s human machine interface (HMI) optimization process
  • Body Control Modules (BCMs): Provide flexible architecture with minimized packaging. Use of standard building blocks and custom ASIC (application specific integrated circuits) ensures that body electronics components are small and very reliable. Delphi’s deep systems expertise provides OEMs the best support for architecture optimization and system integration.
  • Miniaturized Connection Systems: Being developed to further reduce weight while allowing high-speed automatic assembly

Reji Varghese, president and managing director, Delphi India quoted:

The Indian auto industry is growing significantly and we are pleased to be a part of this exciting phase of growth and innovation in India. India is definitely a key market for Delphi and we are committed to grow by keeping our focus on relevant, innovative yet cost-effective solutions for our customers. During the 11th Auto Expo, Delphi will showcase its portfolio of Safe, Green and Connected technologies that will play a major role in shaping the future of the Indian auto market,”

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