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GDI Technology In Plain English

In this article of CarBlogIndia series of technology articles, I will talk of GDI in simple English keeping the sophisticated jargons aside. GDI is very similar to MPFI technology for gasoline engine with some extra advance technological features that enable it to perform event more efficiently and perform better under all kind of conditions. GDI technology is somewhat similar CRDI Diesel Technology in terms of fuel distribution.

What Is GDI Engine ?

GDI stands of Gasoline Direct Injection. When it comes to automobile petrol / gasoline engines, there are three popular types which are – carburettor based engines, MPFI engines and GDI based engine. Out of these, carburettor is the oldest and least efficient. It uses mechanical components to control the Gasoline flow going to the engine.

MPFI on the other hand is an intelligent system which is far more efficient when compared to the carburettor. You can read details about the MPFI here – MPFI Technology In Plain English. GDI combines the goodness of MPFI and takes to it next level by using direct injection which is the goodness of CRDI diesel technology.



GDI has similar computer controlled working as MPFI. There are sensors in the engine which keep an eye on various conditions of the engine. There are sensors which keep measuring engine speed, temperature, load, intake air, exhaust air etc. Based on all these sensors, the central computer, also called ECU or ECM calculates the fuel flow. In this case, there is a high pressure petrol/gasoline rail or line, which is connected with injector, so all the injectors have fuel at same pressure. These injectors put fuel directly into engine cylinder as and when instructed by the ECU or ECM or the main computer of the car. GDI is a step forward and more advanced compared to the MPFI engine. In GDI, the fuel injection of gasoline takes place directly in individual cylinders of the engine and not in a common intake manifold as in case of MPFI. This improves the engine efficiency as well as the performance. GDI is also known by many other names like DGCI, CGI etc.

Benefits Of GDI Engine Technology

  • The calculations done are very quick and direct injection into the cylinder makes the running of engine extremely efficient as compared with carburettor or MPFI. Because of direct injection, the control of the computer on running of engine is very precise and it can thus run the engine with the least possible fuel needed to run it. In short, it means that there is almost zero wastage of gasoline and more power for each drop of gasoline, which means more value for your money.
  • CGI engines support Ultra Lean Burn technology in which the engine is fed with very little gasoline when the load on the engine is very low. This kind of engine working can not be easily achieved with MPFI or carburetor. This is one of the strongest reasons for the better fuel efficiency. Also in case of CGI, the fuel flow of each cylinder is independent of the other, so the response to throttle is much better. CGI engine typically accelerates well and controls the engine is a better way.
  • Most of the modern CGI cars have efficient logics built in their computers or ECUs to conserve energy even better with use of the units connected to the engine like air-conditioning and engine cooling water pumps etc. There are ways to control all these units with help of central computer to run the engine at even better levels of efficiency.

There is no end to innovation and technology improvements, so stay tuned for even better engines in future which in conjunction with electric cars and hybrid cars prove to make our planet greener and less polluted with intelligent cars of future.

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