Diesel and Petrol Prices Slashed!


In recent times, we have seen a lot of changes in the petroleum prices and the Government continues its trend of revising fuel prices fortnightly. The latest fortnightly revision has brought in some good news for car owners. Petrol price in India has been reduced by Rs. 1.42 per litre while diesel fuel prices have gone down by Rs. 2 per litre. A litre of Petrol and Diesel in Delhi now costs Rs. 61.09 and Rs. 52.27 respectively. Here’s a city-wise list of Diesel and Petrol price in India.

Diesel, Petrol Price in India - Delhi, Mumbai Diesel and Petrol Prices Petrol-Diesel-Price-India.jpg

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This is the third consecutive reduction in Diesel and Petrol price in India. These revisions occur on a fortnightly basis, which means the next update will come along on 15th of August. The difference between petrol and diesel prices now stands at just under 9 rupees.

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Diesel and Petrol Price in India – City Wise Price List

Following are the city-wise list of Petrol and Diesel prices in India, along with the change in prices in Rupees –

Petrol Price in India
City Price
Delhi INR 61.09
Mumbai INR 65.69
Chennai INR 60.65
Kolkata INR 64.97
Bangalore INR 65.58
Hyderabad INR 65.22
Pune INR 64.38

Diesel, Petrol Price in India - Delhi, Mumbai Diesel and Petrol Prices maruti-ciaz-SHVS-diesel-hybrid-review-pics-badge
Demand for diesel cars could fall further

Diesel Price in India
City Price
Delhi INR 52.27
Mumbai INR 57.47
Chennai INR 53.73
Kolkata INR 54.57
Bangalore INR 55.97
Hyderabad INR 56.98
Pune INR 56.06

Based on the current trends in the international markets with constantly fluctuating crude oil prices, more revisions to diesel and petrol prices in India are expected. The gap between diesel and petrol prices now stands at Rs 8.82. This could result in reduced demand for diesel powered vehicles among the Indian car buyers. Demand for diesel vehicles has been declining steadily. Add to that NGT’s current ban on diesel vehicles with engine capacity equal to or greater than 2000cc and we expect the demand to fall further. We will keep you updated about the latest diesel and petrol prices in India. Next update will happen 15 days later on August 15.

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