Should You Flush Your Car’s Engine Every Time You Change Engine Oil?

A common question for a whole bunch of car owners is whether it is necessary to flush the engine every time you change the engine oil? Changing engine oil is standard procedure with every service. Generally, a car is serviced after 10,000-15,000 km and engine oil change is the standard across every vehicle. However, engine flush is also something a lot of customers go for because some service centre professionals recommend it. It is a great idea but is it necessary with every engine oil change? To understand the benefits and importance of it, let us discuss the theme in a bit of detail.

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Engine Flush After Oil Change

Engine Oil Change With Flush?

Engine oil is responsible for lubrication between various engine components. It flows throughout the engine components and keeps everything smooth. Generally, there is a lot of friction between moving components. But when the components are immersed in oil, the wear and tear is substantially reduced. Along with that, the engine oil keeps the components protected from natural environmental elements which include dust and other undesirable particles. On top of that, the engine oil should be stable across a wide range of operating temperatures. In the winters the engine could be too cold to start or during excessive usage and high-speed trips, it could be too hot. The engine oil should retain all its properties across various scenarios.

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When you flush the engine, you want to ideally remove all the oil from every part of the engine and replace it with a new one. If not done regularly, engine components could experience the deposition of sludge and dirt particles which affect the overall efficiency of the components. This affects the driving performance of the engine and could also lead to serious issues if not attended to timely. Many people who ignore it had to rebuild their engines. Hence, one must be mindful of doing an engine flush every now and then. the best way is to go through your user manual. If the carmaker recommends it, you should do it. If not, then there is no need to spare expenses. Unless the manual says otherwise, it is not necessary to flush your engine every time you replace the engine oil. However, if you encounter some problem with the running, then the mechanics at the workshop may recommend doing it.

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