Fast & Furious 10 to Feature Dodge Charger EV!?

The Fast & Furious franchise has always been about exquisite cars with high-speed chasing scenes or races. But there are, at times, also unique cars that are not on sale for the general public.

This video from the Fast Family on YouTube shares a clip of the set of Fast & Furious 10 where we see something that looks strangely similar to the Dodge Charger EV. Now, the electric Dodge was announced a few weeks ago and there are not many details about it anywhere. But it is still entirely possible that they made a special iteration of the EV just for the movie. This isn’t something that is unprecedented. There have been a ton of cars made just for movies. But this could be the first time that we see the actual product that is slated for launch more than a year down the line.

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Fast & Furious 10 Features Dodge Charger EV?

The video neatly captures the entourage of the vehicles being transported to the location of the shooting. In the first half of the video, the EV is seen being driven on the road. However, by the end, a truck is seen carrying it, along with some other vehicles to the location. Nevertheless, it gives us enough time to deduce that this may well be the Charger EV that automobile enthusiasts have been waiting for for the longest time.

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The front profile carries forward that iconic muscle car look that we have come to know and appreciate all these years. In addition to that, there are modern bits indicating that it is an EV and belongs to the 2020s. There is an LED strip that runs across the width of the face making a rectangular ring. The long bonnet and sturdy bumper still remain. At the rear, this design pattern is carried over with the rectangular ring comprising of an LED brake light strip.

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First EV for Dominic Toretto

Overall, the demeanour of the vehicle is typical of what you would find on the Charger. It is long with that vintage structure, old school alloys, long body, and low-slung silhouette among other characteristics. If anything, people will now be more curious about the EV as the movie barely needs any promotion. Also, it will be the first time that lead character Dominic Toretto would be seen behind the wheel of an EV. Known for his love for the Charger, it’s only apt to see him choosing the same car again. However, a major difference here arises out of the powertrain. What are your thoughts on this?

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dodge charger ev fast and furious 10
Dodge Charger EV could feature in the Fast and Furious 10

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