Ferrari India Coming Up In 2011 Beginning


One of the Italy’s finest and most aggressive automobile manufacturer Ferrari is heading towards the Indian automobile market. Don’t believe us? You ought to believe us since this news is a few months away from transforming into reality.

Ferrari’s plans are taking the final shape as the expected arrival is in January 2011 and we guess that the Indian market is all set to welcome the top notch engineered products offered by this Italian giant. The business will start with the coming year and with the new establishment the brand expects close-to-record results.


Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo on Thursday said, “Despite the crisis we’ll close the year better than last year, close to record levels in terms of economic results,” When asked about new potent markets feasible enough for this manufacturer Montezemolo added that currently 57 markets serve our products and “We’ll open in India in January 2011,”

Montezemolo replicated the comments recently made by Fiat Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne on denial of plans for a Ferrari listing.

If Ferrari is ready to roll into India, even the Indian big shots are fully geared up and we definitely believe in catching these red monsters burning the Indian roads soon.