This Mahindra XUV700 AX5’s Interior is Plusher than AX7

The trend of car modifications is growing rapidly in India. Check out this unique full interior modification on a brand new Mahindra XUV700 AX5 variant.

This video represents a full interior modification on a Mahindra XUV700. Also, it is the first time that the XUV700 has received a complete makeover like this on YouTube. The XUV700 has been selling like hotcakes at the moment. Having received over 70,000 bookings within a month of launch already, Mahindra has seen an unprecedented demand for the SUV. However, with the semiconductor shortage, the waiting times have been stretched to as far as mod 2023 for some customers. That is a bit of an issue. But for now, let us stick to this modification video and see what are the changes made to the inside of the mid-size SUV.

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Mahindra XUV700 Interior Modification

The YouTuber is quite famous for modifying the interiors and exterior of vehicles. In this video, the owner of the XUV700 was looking for a light theme for the inside. That is the reason why they decided to go for the beige look which is quite popular with a lot of people. The light colour makes the inside of a car look spacious. To begin with, the seats have been modified with added cushioning and a diamond pattern for a sophisticated and premium feel. The seats themselves have been made more comfortable. In addition to that, the dashboard has been equipped with a teak wood slab covering the entire front area and the door panels. It is covered in a glossy finish. The leather upholstery has also been extended to the centre armrest with the same diamond pattern.

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Mahindra XUV700 Interior Modification

The steering wheel has also been wrapped in black and beige colour theme with fine stitching that has been done by hand. The YouTuber specifically mentions that the fit and finish has been restored to the original levels. The other parts have been finished in soft materials like under the dashboard area. The door panels are also finished in leather covering making it more comfortable to resist your elbow on. They have also installed 9D flooring with grass type thick mats. This eases the process of cleaning the dirty floor with a wet cloth. All in all, the interiors on this AX5 variant look premium and something that belongs to a high-end luxury car.

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