Force Motors SUV Force One Spy Pictures From Road Testing


Lately there was a news which reportedly said that the much anticipated Force Motors SUV, which earlier had no name, has ben named as Force One. The interest for the car lies in the fact that it will be an affordable SUV and will go against some of the biggest rulers of the segment, Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio etc.

A member from the very renowned Team-BHP forum got his hands on the new Force One while it was on a test run around the city of Mumbai in a camouflage. The car looks very much similar to the Force Explorer and is really huge which  means that road presence would not be an issue for this car.


The shape and the overall design looks pretty much fine but the size is a concern we believe. The car is too big and could be compared to Toyota Fortuner in dimensions. Pricing again has to be well below Rs. 12 Lakh as it’s the same band where Safari and Scorpio fall and if it exceeds the expected price, the response from the market might get dull.

Force-Motors-SUV- Force Onel Speculations about the engine say that a 2.2 Liter one will power the car but being so big, a 3.0 liter would be just perfect. Lotus Engineering has taken care of the ride and handling part. The car initially will be produced with a 5-speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive and 4WD(All wheel drive) version is expected soon.

[Image Source: Team-BHP]

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