Ford Announces 1 Litre 3 Cylinder Ecoboost Engine With Better Power and Mileage

Ford engineers and researchers are continuously spending time to develop better and more efficient engines for their cars. Ford has already developed some engines in its Ford Ecoboost series which incorporate modern technologies to reduce emissions, losses and improve the fuel efficiency of the engines. Joining its lineup is the latest 1 Litre engine on the Ecoboost lineup. The newly developed 1 Litre 3 cylinder ecoboost MPFI engine is the smallest engine of this series with direct injection technology for better combustion. This engine has been designed and developed to serve duty for a series of small cars by Ford on a global level.


The official performance figures are not out for this engine as it varies from car to car depending on how the engine has been tuned as per the needs of a particular car, but reports suggest that the power delivery of the engine will be almost equivalent to the engines of much larger displacement. Industry experts believe that the 1 Litre eco-boost engine may be as powerful as a conventional 1.6 Litre petrol engines. The approximate power output of 120 BHP with 150 Nm of torque is expected out of this small but powerful engine.

Some of the factors which make this engine perform so well include:

  • Special Split Cooling mechanism for better heat management in engine
  • An offset crankshaft for better load balancing and lesser losses
  • Exhaust manifold cast with cylinder head into a single unit allowing for better heat dissipation characteristics keeping engine cool and help it run at higher RPM with leaner fuel ratios. This increases power delivery from a limited displacement making it 1.5 times more powerful compared to conventional engines.
  • It uses turbochargers, direct injection and twin VVTI system (on intake as well as exhaust values) for better flow of charge and exhaust gases optimized for high fuel efficiency.
  • An eight speed in-house-developed automatic transmission will be mated to this engine to make it even smoother and more efficient.

The engine does sound good and will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 when more details about this engine will be unveiled. We hope to see such engines in the upcoming cars which can deliver more miles per gallon of petrol and keep our pockets as well as environment happy.

source- cnet

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