Ford Aspire (3-star NCAP) Tests Build Quality of Maruti Dzire (2-star NCAP)

Car News ยป Ford Aspire (3-star NCAP) Tests Build Quality of Maruti Dzire (2-star NCAP)

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In its third generation now, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire is easily the hottest-selling sedan in the country. While the earlier two generations of the Dzire were derived from the respective versions of the Swift, the latest model was developed alongside the hatchback sibling. On the other hand, the Ford Aspire was based on the second-get Figo and has just been discontinued with Ford India’s decision to stop production in the country. The Dzire has often been criticized for its below-par build quality but the Aspire has some followers who swear by its better built. The same has been reflected in the latest accident involving the two vehicles.

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As is seen in the visuals we have here, a Ford Aspire has rammed into the rear-end of the latest-get Maruti Dzire. Both the cars have suffered major damage but the rear-end of the Dzire has definitely deformed so much that it’s impossible to recognise the vehicle when viewed from its rear. Meanwhile, even the Aspire has sustained enough damage to its front-end. From this mishap, it’s quite clear that it’s the Dzire that has suffered more. The damage to the popular sedan has been so intense that both the rear doors and the roof have been damaged. In fact, the impact has even reached to the front doors owing to the deformation of the roof.

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Luckily, the two occupants in the front seats of the Maruti Dzire have escaped with minor injuries and same is the case with those travelling in the Ford Aspire. But what’s actually something really fortunate here is that there were no occupants in the rear bench seat of the Dzire. Going by the extent to which the rear-end of the Dzire has deformed, it’s easy to predict that things wouldn’t have been all that good had there been rear occupants in the Dzire.

maruti dzire ford aspire accident images

It must be noted here that the Ford Aspire has scored a pretty average 3-star rating for adult protection in the Global NCAP tests. On the other hand, the Maruti Dzire has scored a low 2-star rating on the same test bed. From this, it’s clear that the crash protection offered by the Aspire, while not being top-notch, is certainly better than what the Dzire offers. And the same can be seen in the visuals we have above. This accident happened on an expressway when a two-wheeler suddenly applied brakes and the Dzire’s driver also had to do panic braking to avoid hitting the two-wheeler. Unfortunately, the driver of the Aspire couldn’t apply brakes on time and is said to have rammed into the Dzire’s rear-end at around 70-80 mph. We’re happy here that there’s been no loss of life or serious injuries but we do wish the Dzire faired better in this crash. What do you think?

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