Disgruntled Owner Uses Donkey To Tow His Ford Endeavour to Dealership

In a bizarre incident, one Ford Endeavour owner towed his SUV to a donkey after repeated problems with the engine and gearbox. This sort of video is becoming increasingly prevalent lately. We had seen a similar incident with an MG Hector owner when he towed his SUV to a donkey to take it to the dealership after facing issues. Such occurrences reflect people’s frustration and must not arise, to begin with, especially after buying a car worth around Rs 40 lakh, on road. Ford, particularly, is already struggling with an uncertain future and if people start having negative connotations to its products, it will become very difficult for the American carmaker to sustain its business in India. Here are the details of the entire episode.

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Ford Endeavour Engine Problems

The Jaipur resident bought the premium 7-seat SUV almost a year ago. After some time, he started experiencing problems with the vehicle and took it to the service centre. The workshop personnel fixed the issue and returned the SUV to the owner. However, the owner started getting the same problem again where the SUV would slow down entirely while moving, which is quite serious. He again took his SUV to the service station. The mechanics told him that the issue lies not with the engine, but with the gearbox. Interestingly, they fixed the problem manually and gave the SUV back. Funnily enough, the problem persisted.

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Frustrated with these regular problems, the owner decided to do something out of the box. He towed his Endeavour to a donkey, gather some people with drums and took the SUV to the dealership again. The Manager took notice of the event and claimed that he didn’t know about this issue. What happens next is yet to be seen. But such incidents are not helping Ford’s case in our market as it is already struggling with its business operations in India following the fallout of its Joint Venture with Mahindra. Incidents like the donkey pulling the Endeavour due to engine problems aren’t helping Ford’s case either.

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Ford Endeavour Towed by Donkey

The Ford Endeavour also comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine making 175 PS of peak power and 420 Nm of peak torque. The transmission duties are carried by a 10-speed automatic gearbox. There is plenty of off-roading equipment on offer as well. The premium SUV ranges between Rs 33.81 lakh and Rs 36.26 lakh, ex-showroom.

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